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Nickelodeon's 2016 Kids' Choice Awards - Red Carpet

School Age  1 February '17

Kids Closer, More Attached To Pets Than Siblings? New Study Claims Children Might Get More Satisfaction From Animals

Researchers are shedding more light in the relationship of kids with their pets in this new study.

Donald Trump Is Sworn In As 45th President Of The United States

Family Life  24 January '17

Introducing The Trump Siblings Amid US President Donald Trump's Inauguration

The New President of America, Donald Trump, has already taken charge of the affairs at the White house and its time to introduce his family.

2016 Nashville Universe Awards

Family Life  26 November '16

Have Siblings? Count Your Blessings Because They Make Us More Sane And Happy

Our longest-lasting relationships can often be the most complex but understanding the bond with brothers and sisters can improve our lives in powerful ways.

Yonatan Daniel Aguilar

Family Life  28 October '16

Death Of A Boy In The Closet From Alleged Abuse: Siblings Knew About It But Kept Silent

An allegedly abused boy was concealed inside the closet for 3 years before his death. His siblings knew about it but were forced to keep their silence.

Georgia killing

Teens/Young Adults  24 October '16

Two Children Fatally Shot By Home Invaders, Parents Were Away During Horrifying Encounter

Two children were shot by home invaders on Saturday while their parents were away.

Torrential Rains Bring Historic Floods To Southern Louisiana

Teens/Young Adults  19 October '16

Teen's Heroism Leads To Accidentally Shooting Himself And His Sister While Trying To Protect Siblings From A Stranger

Teen almost got himself killed using a gun while trying to protect his siblings.

Boy's Cute Reaction To His Crying Sister

Family ♥ Story  8 July '16

[VIDEO] This Is The Cutest Sibling Love Ever! Watch How Big Brother Soothes Crying Baby Sister

He's sure doing a good job as big brother and she clearly adores him too.

Incarcerated Women Allowed To Keep Newborns In Illinois Pilot Program

School Age  7 June '16

Parenting Tips: Why Parents Should Have Their Kids Share A Room Growing Up

Know the advantages of allowing your kids to share their room with their siblings.


Toddler  14 March '16

Little Siblings to the Rescue: Having Younger Siblings Before Entering the First Grade Can Reduce the Risk of Obesity, Study Says

A recent study shows that having a younger sibling before reaching the first grade helps reduce obesity risk in children.

Utopia Challenged - Sweden's Relationship With Refugees

Infant  14 March '16

Having Younger Sibling Can Improve Firstborn’s Fitness

A new study found that children who have at least one sibling are less likely to become obese when they reach first grade.

Soup Joke

Health/Nutrition  14 March '16

Surprising Benefit Of Having Siblings: Kids With Younger Siblings Are Less At Risk For Obesity, Study Shows

Find out how having younger siblings could affect a person's weight.

In Letschin, Asylum-Seekers Adapt To A New Life In Germany

Health/Nutrition  6 November '15

Study: Siblings Don't Always Have The Same Food Allergies

A new study has found that siblings of kids who have food allergies aren't necessarily allergic to the same foods.

Jennifer Garner

News  19 March '15

Jennifer Garner Gives Parenting Tips to Jimmy Fallon [VIDEO]

Jimmy Fallon's guest, Jennifer Garner, shared some funny experiences raising her kids. And, it's not just an ordinary story-it was a parenting war scenario!

marriage, wedding,

Health/Nutrition  13 August '13

Will Your Marriage End up in Divorce? May Depend on Number of Siblings You Have, Study Suggests

Siblings come with their perks and its disadvantages - they are constant friends, but also offer a great source of sibling rivalry. However, a new study published Tuesday suggest people with more brothers and sisters are less likely to divorce than only children or those with one or two siblings.

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