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Berlin Hit By Measles Outbreak

Toddler  8 December '16

A Sensible Guide For Parents With Children When Common Illnesses Strike

Kids usually come down with common illnesses like colds, cough and rashes, among others. How do parents know when it is ok to go on with plans, to stay home and avoid transmission, when it is time to see the doctor or if it is an emergency situation?

Ave Marie Friends preschool

Toddler  9 November '16

Food Poisoning? 21 Preschoolers From Lauderhill Preschool In Florida Taken To Hospitals After Getting Sick For Eating Lunch

Twenty-one preschoolers fell ill on Monday after eating lunch.

Athletics Previews - Olympics: Day 5

Body  11 August '16

A Healthy Amount of Exercise Can Reduce the Risk of These Five Potentially Deadly Diseases

Researchers have found that about 3,000 to 4,000 METs of exercise per week can help reduce the risk of contracting various diseases.

raw chicken

Health/Nutrition  11 October '13

Salmonella Outbreak: Foster Farms to Remain Open Despite 317 Reported Illnesses

Despite 312 people left sick with salmonella around the nation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has opted to not shut down Foster Farms facilities in California which caused the outbreak, nor issue a recall from potentially tainted products.

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