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Kids Say Parents Spend Too Much Time On Smartphones

Parenting  24 April '17

Kids Say Parents Are On Smartphones Too Much, New Survey A Wake-Up Call For Families

Parents, do you worry about your kids spending too much time on their smartphones? They worry about your mobile phone habits too, according to a new survey.

Microsoft Launches New Phone 8 in San Francisco

Behavior  10 December '16

The Shocking Truth About Millenial Parents You Wouldn't Expect

Millenial parents claim to be role models to their kids when it comes to handling media and technology. New study says it is completely the opposite.

Black Friday Sale 2016: PCs, Laptops, Phones On Best Buy; Walmart; Target; Costco

Dads  14 November '16

Black Friday Sale 2016: PCs, Laptops, Phones On Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Costco

Black Friday Sale 2016 has amazing offers on PCs, smartphones and laptops available online on Best Buy, Walmart, Target and Costco.

Samsung J5 Is Exploding According to Reports

Dads  8 November '16

More Samsung Woes: Reports Received That the Galaxy J5 is Also Exploding!

After the worldwide recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, another Samsung smartphone model is reported to have exploded.

Most stunning New Smart phones you must buy (2017)

Dads  2 November '16

What Are Considered The Best Upcoming Phones For 2017? Read On To Know Which Made The List.

The list of best phones for 2017 should help customers decide on which to wait for and eventually purchase.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Official Trailer (Concept)

Dads  2 November '16

Can Galaxy S8 Redeem Samsung From The Downfall Caused By The Galaxy Note 7?

Samsung is currently focusing its efforts on Galaxy S8 after the massive recall of its Galaxy Note 7.

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro Hands On

Dads  1 November '16

'Google’s Tango Phone' Launched, Dancing It’s Way Into The Smartphone Market With 35 New And Exclusive Apps

Google launched it's first ever Tango Phone, a project that took two years to develop. But is it worth the price?

EKTRA is Kodak's Pioneering Smartphone

Dads  30 October '16

Kodak Introduces EKTRA Smartphone For Photographers

Kodak offers a game-changer in the smartphone scene with its “photography-first” smartphone.

iPhone 7 Release

Dads  25 October '16

How To Know If Your Latest Apple iPhone 7 Model Runs Slower Than Other iPhone 7 Models?

Did you know that there are two versions of the iPhone 7? Performance-wise, both versions of the iPhone 7 have a huge gap.

President Obama Hosts Healthy Kids And Sports Safety Summit At The White House

Family Life  18 October '16

Parenting News: How Parents Obsessed With Using Smartphones Highly Affect Kids

The technology-driven world has gotten to the heads of most parents. While it connects the world together, it's also splitting individuals apart.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Stops By Hour Of Code Workshop Event Within Apple Store

Family Life  9 October '16

Digital Parenting Tips: Are Tech Gadgets Important In Child Education? TeenSafe Shares ‘Smartphone Etiquette Guide’ For Studying Children

In this technologically advanced era, parents can’t really deny the fact that there are some schools who uses smartphones in their curriculum for educational apps and platforms to submit homeworks, test preps and class updates but it is best that parents should set some rules.

Apple's iPhone 7 And New Apple Watch On Sale In New York

Technology  28 September '16

Xiaomi Mi 5s Is Reportedly Advanced Than The Upcoming iPhone 8, Not To Mention Cheaper

You might want to hold off on buying the iPhone 8 once you find out about the Xiaomi Mi 5s.

Tomb Raider

Games  8 September '16

Humble Bundle Is Back With Tomb Raider 1 and 2; Last Horizon and Cloud Chaser Are Also Included

Humble Bundle is will release a set of games this week, including the Tomb Raider 1 and 2. The games will can be bought for a price less than you expect.

Children with smartphones

Technology  30 August '16

Parents Are Against Children Spending Their Pocket Money On Mobile Downloads, Inappropriate Content The Cause, Research Says

A new research says that half of the population of parents they studied do not let their children spend their pocket money on mobile downloads as they fear that the children will see inappropriate content.

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

Fun & Games  9 August '16

California News: While Playing Pokemon Go, College Baseball Player Was Shot To Death

Calvin Riley, out in the park with his friend, was busy catching Pokemons when an unknown gunman shot him dead.

(Asus Design Director) Jen Chuang

Technology  13 July '16

Asus Zenfone 3 Latest News, Release Date & Specs: Zenfone 3 Deluxe Comes With Snapdragon 821, The First Of Its Kind

ASUS revealed the ZenFone 3 Deluxe, the world’s first Snapdragon 821-based smartphone.

International Tokyo Toy Show 2009 Begins

Technology  12 July '16

Pokemon Go is Now Set to Be More Popular than Tinder and Twitter: Why You Should Join in on the Millions Having Fun

According to statistics, Pokemon Go is now installed in millions of smartphones in the United States alone.

Baby Talks to Dad on Phone

Family ♥ Story  18 May '16

[VIDEO] Laugh To Tears! Watch This Baby Talks To Dad On Phone,Totally Lost In Translation?

This YouTube video shows a hilariously cute conversation of a baby to her dad using a smartphone.

Pope Francis Holds Easter Mass In St. Peter's Square

Teens/Young Adults  26 April '16

Pope Francis Reminds Teens On Smartphone Use; Says 'Happiness Is Not An App'

The pontiff, known for his social media prowess, told teenagers why it's important to put the phone down, too.

iPhone SE/iPad Pro 9.7 inch Launch In Tokyo

Dads  14 April '16

Nintendo's 'Miitomo' App Now has 4 Million Users

Nintendo's first foray into the smartphone market, the "Miitomo" social game app, is a total hit according to newly-released statistics with 4 million users.

First Apple Store In South America Opens In Rio de Janeiro

Parenting  13 March '16

How does a Smartphone Affect a Student’s Performance

Today, students focus on their smartphones rather than reading books. There are some negative effects that can make students lose their concentration in their studies and give them sleepless nights that may lead to stress.

Hillary Clinton Campaigns Across South Carolina One Day Before Primary

Pregnancy  4 March '16

Top 3 Pregnancy Apps For Android and iOS Users; No.3 Is A Must-Have!

Know the best pregnancy apps that would help women determine not only their cycle but every crucial detail that they need if they are expecting a baby on the way.

Digitally Essential.

Health/Nutrition  13 January '16

Digital Screens Can Damage Your Eyes

Almost one-third of adults spend more than nine hours in front of digital screens, which may damage the eyes and increase risks of computer vision syndrome.

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