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Heat Wave Pushes Temperatures Into Upper 90's In D.C.

Health/Nutrition  24 August '16

Study: How Family, Not Friends, Lengthen A Person's Lifespan

A recent study found out that being close with family members can lengthen a person's lifespan, more than close friendships.

Myanmar's Money Counters Hard At Work

School  21 July '16

Gender Wage Gap: Why Women Just Can't Choose Higher-Paying Jobs And Narrow The Difference

If women chose higher-paying jobs, it still won't solve the gender wage gap because even in higher-paying industries, men still earn more than women.

Children Head Back To School In Chicago

School  9 July '16

How to REALLY Make Black Lives Matter by Making Education Matter

Equality in education can lead to equality in today's society.

Children's Defense Fund-California 25th Annual Best The Odds Awards-Inside

Family Life  30 March '16

A Quest For Education: 'Nervous Conditions,' A Book That Will Transform Your Perspective On Gender & Society

A powerful story of a young girl from Zimbabwe struggling with society to achieve her dream.

Overweight Childeren

Health/Nutrition  27 January '16

WHO: Number Of Obese Children Under 5 Has Reached 41 Million

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been figuring out a way to control the growing number of obesity cases around the world.

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