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'Testament Of Youth' New York Premiere - Arrivals

Dads  19 October '16

‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Release Date, News & Update: Daenerys & Jon Snow Meeting In Dragonstone To Forge Targaryen-Stark Alliance?

A "Game of Thrones" fan site reported that Kit Harington will fly to the Basque seaside, which suggests that the upcoming season will feature a face-to-face meeting of Daenerys and Jon. New reports claimed that the Basque seaside will serve as Dragonstone, House Targaryen's original and former seat.

Premiere Of HBO's 'Game Of Thrones' Season 6 - Arrivals

TV/ Movie  19 September '16

‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Spoilers: Targaryen Vs. Lannister Battle Confirmed? Unsullied-Dothraki Army Fighting Cersei & Euron Greyjoy’s Ironborn?

The big battle scene for "Game of Thrones" Season 7 would likely be Daenerys vs. Cersei. The new season premieres on HBO in the summer of 2017.

With US Troops Poised To Withdraw, Baghdad Enters New Phase

Health  13 June '16

World’s First Child-Sized Exoskeleton Aims To Improve Quality Of Life Of Kids With Spinal Muscular Atrophy

The exoskeleton helps disabled children learn how to walk and sustain mobility. Researchers are hoping that the device will lower the risks of developing other health issues associated with SMA.

Beijing Issues Red Alert On Air Pollution For The First Time

Body  1 June '16

Air Pollution Among The Causes Of High Blood Pressure

Some countries in the world are making progress in decreasing their air pollution levels, but other nations are still falling behind. A new report found that high smog levels can cause high blood pressure.

Greece Travel Destination

School  27 May '16

Kids Who Are Not Wearing Shoes In Class Behave And Do Better, Says Major Study

A shoeless classroom is common in Norther Europe and Scandinavia, where kids' education ranks high.

Dollars Value Declines Further Against Foreign Currencies

School  26 May '16

Women & People Of Color Are Experiencing Shocking Pay Gap After Graduating From College

Pay gaps affect women and people of color. Unequal compensation is usually due to employers being biased and workplace discrimination.

Mobile Food Pantry Serves The Needy In Upstate New York

Family Life  19 May '16

Rate Of Unmarried Parents Globally Rises Up To 31%; Religious Countries Also Seeing Increase In Numbers

Countries around the world, even religious ones, are seeing increasing numbers of unmarried parents cohabiting. The families of unmarried parents often miss out on important economic benefits.

Australian Holiday Makers Celebrate 'Schoolies' Week In Bali

Teens/Young Adults  18 May '16

Dangerous New Trend: Sex Roulette Parties, Where Teens Enjoy Unprotected Group Sex Knowing That One Participant Is Secretly HIV Positive, Are On The Rise

Parents should be alarmed with this underground trend that involves teens risking HIV at sex roulette parties.

Casper Hosts Snooze Bar San Francisco

Technology  19 April '16

Infidelity Crisis 2016: How A Smart Mattress Can Unmask A Cheating Partner

A Spanish mattress company has recently unveiled its new product that aims to address infidelity crisis. This smart mattress called Smarttress is reportedly designed with a “lover detection” system.

World AIDS Day In Seoul

Health/Nutrition  3 April '16

HIV News Update: Cure For HIV Finally Found

Doctors confirm that the cure for HIV has been found.

Community Mourns As Investigation Continues Into San Bernardino Mass Shooting

Food  6 March '16

Healthy Baby Food Items Mothers Recommend

Proper nourishment is important for kids to grow healthy and strong individuals. Moms have go-to food items when it comes to feeding their children

The Duchess Of Cambridge Attends The Anna Freud Centre Family School Christmas Party

News  18 December '15

Kate Middleton News: Duchess Dressed Up Princess Charlotte For A Photo Shoot -- Here's Why You Can't Get Charlotte's Dress [Rumors]

Kate Middleton dressed up Princess Charlotte for another photo shoot.

World Asthma Day

Health/Nutrition  5 October '15

Asthma Treatment & Medication: Steriods 'Could Stunt Growth'

A new report suggests that children who are given asthmatic medication before they turn 2 years old are likely to be stunted later on.

Chameleon That Inspired the Dessert

News  8 August '14

“Xamaleón”—Defying the Laws of Creamery, One Dessert is A Chameleon in Disguise

Adding a bit of science to the sweetness of ice cream, one Spanish physicist turned culinary mastermind has created a secret weapon he calls “Xamaleón” that’ll blow your mind and your taste buds away. A man of many talents, the master inventor Manuel Linares is Barcelonian marvel, whose many talents can best be explained by his inability to settle for less.

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