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Kate Middleton Teaches Her Kids Spanish

Moms  5 May '17

Kate Middleton Parenting: Prince George And Princess Charlotte Learn Spanish, Royal Kids Raising Chickens At Home

The royal kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte are keeping with tradition by learning another language but their mom, Kate Middleton, also makes sure they have a normal childhood.

Pelosi Meets With Students Delivering Petition To End Darfur Genocide

School  17 November '16

How Bilingual Education Can Be An Asset For Students

Bilingual education should be allowed in the United States because it encourage learning excellence among all students whether Americans or immigrants.

Bilingual Kids' Brains Are Smarter & Faster

Development  25 September '16

Parenting Facts: Studies Reveal That Bilingual Children Are More Intelligent Compared To Their Peers

Children who are raised in a bilingual family are said to be more intelligent compared to their peers.

New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina Holds News Conference At A Brooklyn School

Bilingual  30 May '16

Bilingual Education In The US: How The Benefits Of Teaching Two Languages Extend Beyond Schools

The U.S. is seeing the benefits of dual-language programs. Learning English and other languages side-by-side can benefit students in the future, serving as their advantage in the work force.

Pope Francis Attends His Saturday Jubilee Audience

School  20 April '16

3 Major Reasons Why Most Latinos Don't Attend Catholic Schools; No. 2 Is Heart-Wrenching

The Hispanic community is known for being devout Catholics, but why aren't most of them in Catholic schools?

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