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Zika Virus

Health/Nutrition  15 March '17

Did Zika Virus Outbreak In Florida Infect Sperm Donations? Scientists Release Announcement

Florida was one of the hotbeds of Zika virus last year and now scientists claim it is possible the sperm donations in the state are infected.

Nuclear Transfer Pregnancy Technique Detailed

Fertility  29 November '16

Everything Women Have To Know About Freezing Their Egg And How Much It Costs

Thinking of preserving your eggs for future pregnancy? Here are your answers.

Austistic Boy with Cerebral Palsy Undergoes Horse Therapy

Autism  19 July '16

Autism Caused By Chemical Exposure? ‘Science Junkie’ With Two Autistic Children Claims Pregnancy Hormones Damaged Her Eggs

Jill Escher's theory goes back to the early days of her conception. According to Escher, the hormones her mother took when she's pregnant with her damaged her egg cells and increased the autism risk of her children.

California Embryo Bank Provides Donated Eggs For Stem Cell Research

Fertility  6 June '16

New Clinical Procedure Preserves Fertility In Young Cancer Patients

A new experimental procedure gives young cancer patients hope of conceiving children in the future. The procedure involves the removal of male or female reproductive tissues and freezing them for future use.

German Alps Draw Summer Tourists

Autism  26 May '16

Don't Blame Sperm Mutations In Older Fathers For Risk Of Autism In Children

A new study has revealed that sperm mutations should not be pinned as the cause of higher chances of having a child with pyschological disorders.

Growers And Enthusiasts Enjoy The RHS London Harvest Festival Show

Health/Nutrition  12 April '16

New Tomato Pill To Increase Sperm Count By 70 Percent Giving Hope To Infertile Couples

A new pill made could increase sperm quality by 70 percent due to the antioxidant lycopene found in tomatoes.

Kerstin Linnartz Announces Pregnancy

Pregnancy  25 March '16

Trying To Conceive: 5 Things To Know When Trying To Get Pregnant

Trying to get pregnant? Here are some simple tips to help you conceive.

Human spermatozoa...

Pregnancy  14 March '16

How To Increase Chances Of Pregnancy: 5 Tips To Improve Sperm Quality

Discover the best ways to have healthy sperm.

Human spermatozoa...

Health/Nutrition  11 February '16

Effects Of Aging On Sperm: Genetic Disease-Causing Mutations Increase As Men Age, According To Study

There might be some potential dangers for men who are waiting to grow older before trying to have children, a new study finds.

 A man lies in a bed before treatment in the emergency unit

Health/Nutrition  7 January '16

Sperm Switch That Can Control Men's Fertility Invented: Is This The End Of Vasectomy?

New contraceptive device invented by a German inventor that can control men's sperm with the flick of a switch could possibly replace vasectomy, if ever proven safe and effective.

Increasing Obesity Figures Cause Health Concerns

Parenting  4 December '15

Obesity in Children: Dads Could Pass Weight Traits to Kids Through Sperm: Study

A study has found that dads can pass their weight traits to their kids through their sperm.

In-vitro fertilization assay, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute study

Health/Nutrition  17 April '14

'Juno' protein key to fertility

The "Juno" protein is a recent breakthrough discovery that may hold the key to fertility treatments, according to researchers at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.


Pregnancy  20 March '14

European sperm donor fathers 98 children, does it the 'old-fashioned' way

Europe's most generous sperm donor, a Dutch man named Ed Houben, has fathered 98 children and counting.

Scientists Introduce Newest Cyborg Sperm

News  13 December '13

Scientists Introduce Newest Cyborg Sperm

A team of scientists from Germany created the first ever biological robots powered by sperm, a new research confirms.


Health/Nutrition  16 October '13

Bacon, Sausages, Hamburgers Linked With Sperm Count Drop

Watch out men, eating a rasher or two of bacon daily can negatively impact men's fertility, according to a new study released Monday.

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