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University of Texas stabbing incident

Children  2 May '17

Random Stabbing Attack At University Of Texas' Austin Campus Leaves One Dead, 3 Injured

One student died and three more suffered from injuries after a stabbing incident at the Austin campus of University of Texas.

Stabbing incident

Teens/Young Adults  24 January '17

Dallas Man Stabs Mother And Daughter; Teenager Succumbs To Injuries While Motive Remains Unclear

A teenager and her mother were stabbed by her husband, leaving the daughter dead.

Mountain View High School

Teens/Young Adults  7 December '16

Utah High School Stabbing Update: 16-Year-Old Teen Who Injured Five Other Students Has Suicidal, Harmful Thoughts Since He Was Young

New updates were released about the 16-year-old who stabbed five other students at a locker room in Orem, Utah.

Mountain View High School

Teens/Young Adults  16 November '16

Utah High School Stabbing Incident: Why Did A Straight-A Student Stab Five Other Schoolmates? All Victims Expected To Survive

A Utah student stabbed five others at a high school.

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