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Reclaiming The Educational Supremacy of the United States

School  9 January '17

Reclaiming America’s Leadership In Education

It is a high time for the United States to reclaim its leadership in technology, scientific innovation and education. The U.S. Congress has started to address the problem besetting the US educational system by updating the Perkins Act.

Charter School Movement Grows As Obama Voices Plans To Expand System

Music.Art.STEM  1 December '16

World's Best Science & Math Students: Asians Dominate, Americans Still Behind Despite Improvements, Study Reveals

Students everywhere have difficulty with STEM subjects, but the lowered scores is a concern for those in the education field.

Doctors Without Borders Exhibition Highlights Global Refugee Crisis

School  28 November '16

Technology & Virtual Learning: The Secret To Breaking Down Education Barriers & Making Knowledge Accessible?

An Cosán is one of those organizations working on removing learning barriers by using technology and virtual learning. Virtual learning gives students access to various educational options and access to course work at a time of their own choosing.

The Final Weekend before Pubs And Clubs Can Apply For Extended Licences

Family Life  4 August '16

Helicopter Parenting: Parents’ Excessive Intervention Can Turn Their Child Into Binge Drinkers

Helicopter parenting involves constantly interfering in a child's life, particularly in education. This encourages an academic life filled with extremes and sometimes paves the way to binge drinking especially when they get into college.

Childcare and Education To Be Key Election Issue

Music.Art.STEM  11 July '16

STEM And Special Education Teachers in San Francisco, California & Other School Districts Finally Get Hefty Paycheck Offers

The shortage of teachers stemmed from the 2008 recession, a time when plenty of educators were laid off. Teachers have departed big urban districts and transferred to less impoverished districts that offer higher wages.

2010 CeBIT Technology Fair

Fun & Games  22 June '16

Summer Camp 2016: Children Learn Coding In These Summer Camps

Check out these summer camps dedicated to coding.

No Planes, No Parachutes: Indoor Skydiving Is Here

School  1 June '16

Summer Camp 2016: Aerospace Program Takes Children To The Stratosphere

Children can choose from a handful of summer camp programs that will help them develop or improve their skills. Some of these summer camp programs include aviation, architecture and engineering.

Ascot Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup And Concert

School  31 May '16

From Using Minecraft For Coding To Teaching Leadership Skills, These Fun Summer Camp Activities Will Make Your Children Smarter

It's that time of the year again for summer camp programs. Summer camp don't just teach important educational skills; it also promotes physical and social learning among kids.

CeBIT 2016 Digital Technology Trade Fair

Music.Art.STEM  21 May '16

Education With Drones: Pricey Aerial System May Change Learning

Drone use in schools may soon evolve into a change in the learning curriculum. While drone systems tend to be pricey, the cost is reportedly worth the experience for students.

Researchers And Virginia Tech Students Prepare For DARPA Robotics Challenge

Music.Art.STEM  18 May '16

America Still Falls Short On Its STEM Workforce

The U.S. is producing STEM graduates, but the country does not benefit from this. A recent report found that those STEM graduates are foreigner students with temporary visas.

Girls At Edgbaston High School Receive Their A'Level Results

Music.Art.STEM  10 May '16

New Education Program Aims To Bring More Young Girls To STEM-Based Careers

Women are under-represented in the STEM industry. This is why schools are developing programs to encourage young girls to pursue a career path based on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

China To Give Residency Rights To Migrant Families

School  26 April '16

Going Beyond STEM: Schools Now Teaching Character Learning to Lead Kids Towards a More Successful Life

It's not just STEM that should be prioritized. Schools are now recognizing the importance of character learning and development in students.

'Equal Pay Day' Protesters Demand Equal Pay For Women

Family Life  20 April '16

Gender Pay Gap US: Education Does Not Level Playing Field; What Else Is Needed?

If educational attainment does not close gender pay gap, what will?

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