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Nearly 90 Percent Of Parents Think It's More Difficult To Raise Kids Than Ever Before

Family Life  4 July '18

Nearly 90 Percent Of Parents Think It's More Difficult To Raise Kids Than Ever Before

A survey conducted by the Business Performance Innovation Network revealed that most parents these days experience parental burnout. They go through emotional distress, which affects their work and family life.

Online Education

School  1 March '17

Online Education Costs Higher Than In-Person Learning? New Study Says Yes

A new study claims online education costs higher than traditional education.

Childhood cancer

Health/Nutrition  19 September '16

Top Killing Children's Disease Is No Longer Leukemia, Brain Cancer Ranks First In Latest Study

Brain cancer is now the top disease that kills children.

Prime Minister David Cameron Announces Free Schools Pledge

School  15 June '16

Teens are Interested in Science, Not in Science Classes, Study Finds

A recent study has found out that teens enjoy the subject of science, but do not necessarily like how it is taught in schools.

University of California, Los Angeles

News  30 March '16

Stepping In The Right Direction: Easy Access To Mental Health Encourages More Students To Seek Help

The administrators of the University of California are doing everything they can to significantly increase the number of students' access to mental health services.

Anti-Abortion Activists Protest In Washington

Parenting  8 June '15

Abortion Rates Decline Across The United States

Since 2010, the abortion rates across the United States have dropped 12 percent, reveals an Associated Press survey.

A woman watches a little girl at an anti-bullying workshop in session.

Family Life  17 April '15

Plastic Surgery will Stop Bullying? Teens Want Cosmetic Surgeries to End Bullies, Says Survey

Anybody would give everything to stop bullies from spreading their wraths on others!

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