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It's The Last Day Of School, And Teachers Are Celebrating On Twitter

School  2 July '18

It's The Last Day Of School, And Teachers Are Celebrating On Twitter

Teachers are excited for the end of the school year and the start of summer. They shared their favorite memes, videos, and photos, to express their anticipation to go on a two-month rest from classroom duty.

CANALI & PRYMA Celebrate the US Launch of the CANALI Online Boutique

Toddler  19 November '16

Experts On Child Development Raise Doubts Over The Recent UPC iPad Study

Researchers found that children can learn just as well from interactive media as from face-to-face instruction.

Social Skills-Boosting Tips: Why Kids' Social Skills In Kindergarten May Reflect Their Success As Adults

School  15 October '16

Teaching: An Act Of Kindness? University Of British Columbia Research Suggests Students Believe So

A recent study conducted by The University of Columbia reveals that 42 percent of young students believed that teaching is indeed an “act of kindness.”

Childcare and Education To Be Key Election Issue

Music.Art.STEM  26 September '16

Education Technology Latest News & Updates: EdTech To Become An Academic Discipline? Experts To Further Explore Technology’s Role In Teaching, Learning

Several education experts believe that education technology (EdTech) could be a powerful tool to transform the field of education. Today, they claim that it’s the best time for EdTech to finally become an academic discipline.

Monolingual Hispanic Students Learn English

School  18 July '16

Education Outside The Classroom: How Outdoor Schooling Teaches Students The Way Indoor Classrooms Never Can

The Guardian hosted a live discussion that talked about the benefits of outdoor schooling and how it can be utilized by schools.

Childcare and Education To Be Key Election Issue

Education  14 June '16

Teaching Vs. Parenting: How Teaching Experience Helps In Parenting Teenagers

Recently, veteran high school English teacher David B. Cohen of Education Week shared his experiences on how teaching and parenting coalesce in his life.

Thousands Of Migrants Stuck In Greek Bottleneck As Borders Are Closed

School Age  10 May '16

Teaching Your Child To Wait Without Whining

Learning to wait is a life-skill but staying positive while waiting makes life worth living.

Mother Washing Dishes, Daughter Drying Them

Toddler  2 April '16

5 Ways To Teach Kids To Do Chores

Some ways to teach kids to do chores include picking simple and age-appropriate tasks, instilling a routine and avoiding turning chores into a punishment.

Opponents of Common Core educational standards were at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver to voice their opposition to the program

News  28 March '16

How To Prepare Teachers For The Common Core State Standards

The Common Core State Standards are designed to set learning expectations for each student but not every teacher may agree to the new rules being implemented.

Traditional toys best tools for teaching kids

Parenting  20 March '14

Traditional toys - not screens - best tools for teaching kids

Traditional toys like blocks and puzzles are still the best teaching tools for kids, according to a research review.

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