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Teaching Kids To Share

Parenting  22 April '17

Teaching Kids To Share: Mom Tells Son It's OK To Refuse Sharing And Other Parents Agree

Alanya Kolberg's son Carson had six kids demanding for his toys at the park, so the mom told her son he can refuse to share if that's what he wants.

Mother Washing Dishes, Daughter Drying Them

Toddler  2 April '16

5 Ways To Teach Kids To Do Chores

Some ways to teach kids to do chores include picking simple and age-appropriate tasks, instilling a routine and avoiding turning chores into a punishment.

7 year old boy counting his money using a calculator at home in kitchen, UK

Parenting  30 March '16

5 Ways To Teach Kids About The Value Of Money

A few ways to teach kids about the value of money is by teaching the difference between want and need, making them work for money and allowing them to commit money mistakes.

Teaching responsibility to toddlers

Toddler  18 March '16

6 Tips To Teach Responsibility To Toddlers

Teaching kids about responsibility involves being a good example, requiring age-appropriate chores and letting them face the consequences.

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