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Smokers To Pay More For Cigarettes As Tobacco Tax Increases

Parenting  8 April '17

Death Related To Tobacco Smoking Increased In Four Countries

Cigarette smoking plays a significant factor in terms of death causes on major countries such as China, India, the United States and Russi.

Donald Trump Campaigns In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Body  8 December '16

Just A Cigarette A Day Could Kill You, New Study

This study might help in making you quit smoking cigarette today.

New York City Celebrates Veterans Day With Annual Parade

Health/Nutrition  16 November '16

This Event Will Help Anyone Quit Smoking

Are you tired of smoking cigarettes? This could be your saving grace.

Weed Documentary (2016) - High School: Marijuana in an American Public High School.

Teens/Young Adults  3 November '16

Teen Addictions: Dangers of Marijuana, Tobacco & Alcohol

Most common teen addictions are marijuana, cigarettes and alcohol. Parents need to know the dangers of these addictions.

Jamie Laing Spotted Vaping With His Bespoke blu eCIG

Health/Nutrition  28 October '16

E-Cigarette Vs. Regular Cigarettes: How The Curse Of E-Cigarettes Has Taken Toll

E-cigarette exposure can be more dangerous for kids than exposure to regular cigarettes, according to a new study.

Bernie Sanders Campaigns In Atlantic City

Health/Nutrition  26 October '16

Smoking Is The Major Cause Of Cancer Deaths In The US, New Study Reveals

This article would help you finally quit smoking.

New Study Claims Alcohol More Harmful Than Illegal Drugs

Health  28 July '16

Pregnant Women With Health Insurance Are Less Likely To Drink Alcohol

It seems insurance makes pregnant women less prone to drinking.

California Department of Public Health Calls E-Cigarettes A Health Threat And Calls For Regulation

Behavior  12 July '16

Teenage Smoking: Teens Who Would Not Have Smoked Are Vaping

A study finds that for some teens, vaping is not a substitute for traditional cigarettes.

The 148th Belmont Stakes

Body  28 June '16

New Study Reveals Smokers Don't Even Know What They are Inhaling!

We can all assume that it is common knowledge that cigarettes and other tobacco products contain various harmful chemicals, but the extent of these may not even be known to the people who use them.

Teen Addictions: Dangers of Marijuana, Tobacco & Alcohol

Body  26 June '16

Cigarette Smoking: Alarming Discovery About Cigarettes, New Study Reveals; Most Smokers No Idea What They're Really Inhaling

A new report reveals the alarming truth about the chemical contents present in tobacco products.

California Department of Public Health Calls E-Cigarettes A Health Threat And Calls For Regulation

Teens/Young Adults  14 June '16

Does E-Cigarette Smoking Among Teens Incline Them More To Try Traditional Smoking?

A new study has established that teens who smoke e-cigarettes are more likely to move to traditional smoking than those who had never tried smoking in their lives.

Smokers To Pay More For Cigarettes As Tobacco Tax Increases

Health/Nutrition  10 June '16

New Tobacco Laws Passed In California: Minimum Smoking Age Is Now 21 Years Old, E-Cigarettes Banned In Public Areas

California Governor Jerry Brown signs into law two bills banning e-cigarette smoking on public areas and raising the minimum age of people allowed to buy tobacco from 18 years old to 21.

Bomb-sniffing German Sheppard 'Boomer' inspects a trash can for possible IEDs.

Education  21 May '16

Pennsylvania Twins Arrested For Going On A Bombing Spree During College Break

Twin brothers in Pennsylvania have been arrested for bombing several Amish buildings during their college break. They have now been charged with arson, conspiracy and retail theft.

World Health Organisation Calls For Regulation Of Ecigarettes

Teens/Young Adults  27 April '16

Study: E-Cigarette Ads Entices Teenagers To Engage To The Habit

According to a new study e-cigarette ads convince teens to use it.

U.S. Forces Celebrate July 4th At Baumholder Base

Health/Nutrition  9 April '16

Do You Have A Sweet Tooth? Sugar Addiction Has Similarities With Drug Addiction, Study Finds

Sugar addiction can have the same body effects as drug addiction.

Young man snorting cocaine through rolled up banknote

Parenting  17 March '16

How Parents Can Protect Children From Drugs: 5 Tips To Prevent Drug Abuse In Your Family

Make your family drug-free with these valuable tips.

New Law Bans Public Smoking In Beijing

Health/Nutrition  12 October '15

Is This What's Going To Kill One-Third Of China's Young Men?

A new study has revealed a startling prediction, one in three young Chinese men will die from smoking.

2015 General Election - Life In The North Of England

Health/Nutrition  29 May '15

Smoking Parents Cause Poverty in Kids

Parents who smoke plunge their children to poverty.


Health/Nutrition  27 March '14

Australia demands speedy tobacco trial

Australia demanded the five countries questioning its "plain-packaging" tobacco policies to speed up the World Trade Organization trial on Wednesday.

Smoking may change teenagers' brain structure

Health/Nutrition  4 March '14

Smoking may change teenagers' brain structure

Smoking may change the brain structure in teenagers, a new study suggests.

New picture warnings for cigarette packing in EU

Health/Nutrition  26 February '14

European Parliament passes new rules aimed at reducing smoking

The European Parliament has voted to include new health picture warnings on the front and back of cigarette packaging in the European Union. This and other new rules, such as a ban on flavored cigarettes, like menthol, represent an attempt to cut the number of smokers by 2.4 million.

Electronic cigarette use a concern for Airmen

Health/Nutrition  20 February '14

Electronic cigarette use a concern for Air Force members

Electronic cigarette use is becoming a concern for Air Force health care providers as the new devices quickly overtake traditional cigarettes in popularity.

Youth smokers

Health/Nutrition  1 August '13

Youth are Still Exposed and Influenced by Tobacco Advertising

Tobacco ads are still in plain sight of children in stores and they continue to be influenced by them, say U.S. researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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