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'Grinch' charged for stealing from Toys for Tots

News  23 December '16

Woman In Florida Caught Stealing Christmas Gifts For The Under-Privileged

A complainer robbed numerous presents which were for the needy and deprived kids which were a program known as the Florida Toys for Tots.

Retailers Open On Thanksgiving Evening, Starting Black Friday Sales Early

Behavior  4 December '16

Toys For Ill Children Stolen As An Ill Christmas Surprise

Kind-hearted donors have come to the rescue and raised thousands of pounds to replace Christmas toys stolen from a hospital.

Toys'R' Us Welcomes Holiday Shoppers

Toddler  30 November '16

Recreating Popular Toys That Help Disabled Children Realize The Power Of Mobility

Dr. Galloaway is doing an interesting kind of job and is helping out children having disabilities in regards to mobility.

CPS Confirms Hoverboards Are Illegal To Ride On The Pavement And The Road

Health  27 November '16

Dangers Of Online Shopping: Recalled Toys Sold Online Place Consumers On Health Risks

Parents should be keen when it comes to choosing the items they are purchasing online.

Toys 'R' Us Event in Tampa

Toddler  21 November '16

Modern Day Toys: Taking A Step Forward For Education

Today's kids grow up in a world saturated with technology, intrinsically expecting their toys to be a bit cleverer too.

Childcare and Education To Be Key Election Issue

Development  2 October '16

Gendered Toys: Giovanna Fletcher Posts Photos Of Son Playing With Prams And Dolls

Why you should let your kid play whatever toy he or she wants.

Mobile Health Unit Visits Suburban Chicago

Health  11 August '16

Kids Safety: Expanding Bead Toys Can Lead To Ear Injuries In Children, New Report Says

Toys can be a potential cause of harm for children.

Childcare and Education To Be Key Election Issue

Health  27 June '16

Plastic Toys Could Be Making Your Child Sick

Children's plastic toys could be making them sick since viruses can stick to their surfaces and increase the risk of infectious diseases.

World Landmarks Light It Up Blue for World Autism Awareness Day 2016

Autism  6 May '16

Meet Leka: The New Multi-Purpose Educational Toy For Special Needs Kids

Current-gen smart robots make room, there's a new sheriff in town. Leka is a crystal ball-like educational robot that helps children with developmental disorders improve their communication and social skills.


Toddler  24 March '16

Preschool Lets Students Use Real Hammer, Saws, and Drills Instead of Toys

Most preschoolers are busy playing with their remote control cars, brushing their dolls' hair, and developing their creative skills. Unlike those preschoolers, a British preschool let their students play real hammers and saw.

Hit Preschool Series Julius Jr. Launches All-New Fisher-Price Toy Line

Parenting  22 March '16

How Fisher-Price See the Future of Parenting

Fisher-Price showed in its recent video their idea of how the toys will look like once the children of the millennials and the Generation Z were born. The video is entitled “The Future of Parenting.”

An Easter bunny and some colorful eggs.

Family Life  4 April '15

8 Easter 2015 Non-Candy Treats Your Kids Will Love

Still one more day to go before Easter Sunday and kids are already looking forward to lots of fun activities, and of course, treats! It's no surprise that sweet treats come to your mind when you hear the word "treats." But did you know, Easter treats don't necessarily have to be candies?

Traditional toys best tools for teaching kids

Parenting  20 March '14

Traditional toys - not screens - best tools for teaching kids

Traditional toys like blocks and puzzles are still the best teaching tools for kids, according to a research review.

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