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Health/Nutrition  24 March '17

New Powdered Vaccine To Save Children From Deadly Rotavirus?

One of the top killers of children, the rotavirus, could possibly be prevented now with the help of a powdered vaccine.

Are Vaccines Safe For Children?

Infant  11 February '17

Health Groups Appeal To US President Donald Trump: ‘Vaccines Are Safe!’

Vaccines have been credited for the eradication of smallpox in 1977 but this has not stopped the outbreaks that could have been prevented by vaccines.

Be Informed: Expert Warn Parents About The 'Naturalness' Of Breastfeeding And The Possible Health Risks It Can Bring

Nutrition  12 January '17

Be Informed: Experts Warn Parents About 'Naturalness' Of Breastfeeding And Possible Health Risks It Can Bring

The naturalness of breastfeeding is said to influence a series of health risks that can place the child at risk.

Ebola vaccine may be 'up to 100% effective': WHO (2)

Health/Nutrition  24 December '16

Finally A Successful Cure For Ebola!

A highly effective vaccine that guards against the deadly Ebola virus could be available by 2018, says the World Health Organization.

Demand For Measles Vaccine Increases As Outbreak Started At Disneyland In California Spreads

Infant  17 December '16

New Study Says Lidocaine Could Numb Pain During Infant Vaccination

A new way to help ease the pain in infant during vaccination has been found.

The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation Co-hosts National HIV testing Day With The CDC's Act Against AIDS at The Abbey in West Hollywood

Health/Nutrition  30 November '16

South Africa To Fight The Menace Of HIV Infection: Trials Starting Soon To Put The Disease To An End

Trial of a new vaccine for HIV, could actually end the disease if successful.

HPV Vaccinations Back In Spotlight After Perry Joins Presidential Race

Health  28 September '16

Anti-Vaccination Mom Changes Tune After Putting Her Three Children ‘At Risk’ Due To Rotavirus

A mother saw proof of the dangers of having no vaccination after her three children fell ill due to rotavirus. Vaccines protect children from a host of diseases such as chicken pox, diphtheria, hepatitis A and B, influenza, measles, mumps, pertussis, polio, pneumococcus, rotavirus, rubella and tetanus.

HPV Vaccinations Back In Spotlight After Perry Joins Presidential Race

Medicine  7 September '16

More Parents Refuse HPV Vaccination For Their Children Despite Risks

Recently, more parents have put their children at risk by not getting them vaccinated.

Berlin Hit By Measles Outbreak

Medicine  21 July '16

STD News And Updates: Chlamydia May Be Prevented With A Vaccine Developed By New Research

A recent research has developed a vaccine that may treat chlamydia and even possibly prevent it from being acquired in the first place.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation Offers Free Meningitis Vaccinations

Health/Nutrition  15 July '16

Bacterial Meningitis From Employee in Life Time Fitness Camp May Have Infected Attendees

More than 200 children may have been infected with bacterial meningitis after an employee who had contact with the day campers is diagnosed with the disease.

Vaccine does not cause autism

Autism  6 June '16

Disproven: Studies Slammed the Idea That Vaccines Causes Autism

All studies regarding vaccines have not been proven to cause autism.

Centers For Disease Control Says Flu Epidemic Worsening Across Country

Health  6 June '16

American Research Reveals Most Indian Children Get Delayed Vaccinations

Only few children in India are receiving vaccinations on time.

Berlin Hit By Measles Outbreak

Medicine  16 May '16

Researchers Developing A Single Molecule Said To Protect People Better From Viruses Than Vaccines

A single molecule treatment is being developed by researchers. The treatment can potentially be better than vaccines when it comes to protecting people from contagious diseases.

Brazil Faces New Health Epidemic As Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Spreads Rapidly

Medicine  11 May '16

Yellow Fever Is The Next Global Health Emergency; Lack Of Vaccines Can Start Crisis

Yellow Fever poised to become the next global health emergency due to outbreaks and vaccine supply shortages.

Youngsters Receive Childhood Immunization

Health/Nutrition  26 March '16

Adult Tetanus Shots Only Needed Every 30 Years, Says New Study

Tetanus shots are only needed every 30 years and not every decade, according to a new study.

Demand For Measles Vaccine Increases As Outbreak Started At Disneyland In California Spreads

Parenting  18 March '16

Muslim Ma Won’t Let Kids Get Vaccinated Due to Pork Gelatine Paranoia

A London court has intervened on a Muslim mother who won't let her kids get vaccinated for fearing the serum contained pork gelatine.


Health/Nutrition  8 March '16

Celldex Therapeutics has Abandoned the Study for its Brain Cancer Vaccine Rintega

Celldex Therapeutics Inc. stated that it would stop its late-stage study of its vaccine, Rintega, against brain cancer.

Doctors Offer Drive-Thru Flu Shot Clinic

Health/Nutrition  4 March '16

Vaccine News: New Vaccine For Terminal Cancer Tested In UK Trial

An immunotherapy vaccine trial for patients with terminal cancer is tested in United Kingdom, London and Guildford.

FDA Unlikely To Ok British Flu Vaccine

Health/Nutrition  26 August '15

Universal Flu Vaccine On The Horizon

As fall rolls around, millions of people line up to get their annual flu shot hoping to protect themselves against multiple strains of the virus.

Demand For Measles Vaccine Increases As Outbreak Started At Disneyland In California Spreads

Health/Nutrition  29 July '15

Experts Warn 'Leaky' Vaccines May Make Diseases More Dangerous

Vaccines have been hailed as lifesavers as they protect children against a number of diseases, many of which are lethal.

Berlin Hit By Measles Outbreak

Health/Nutrition  5 June '15

Report: Anti Vaccine Movement Mostly Parents From Rich, White Areas

A new report published in Pediatrics has put a face on the anti vaccination movement and it suggests that the majority of the population come are white parents from affluent communities.

The Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California.

Family Life  17 April '15

Disneyland Measles Outbreak Finally Over; Is Vaccine Really Needed?

There's no need to worry now if you're planning to take your kids to California's happiest place on earth.

Britain backs Novartis' meningitis B vaccine

Health/Nutrition  21 March '14

Britain backs Novartis' meningitis B vaccine

Britain plans to introduce Novartis' meningitis B vaccine into their routine vaccination program.

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