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School Massacres In United States: Top Three Worst Killings Ranked

Parenting  18 April '17

US School Massacres: Top Three Worst Killings Ranked

School massacres are not a new thing, as it already happened as early as 1927.

Coral Springs Teen Accused Of Bringing Loaded Gun To High School Appears In Court

Teens/Young Adults  13 October '16

Teens In Florida Coral Springs High School Arrested For Giving Threat Of School Shooting More Deadly Than Columbine

School shooting threats are no joke but some teens from Florida Coral Springs High School thought it was a good joke. Now they are facing charges because of a school shooting scare.

The Search For Missing 5 Year Old April Jones Continues One Month On From Her Disappearance

Behavior  27 July '16

Former Virginia Tech Students Indicted Of 13-Year-Old Girl's Abduction And Murder

David Eisenhauer and Natalie Keepers were indicted on charges of murder and accessory to the crime respectively that led to the death of 13-year-old Nicole Lovell last January.

Federal State Of Emergency Declared In Flint, Michigan Over Contaminated Water Supply

Body  27 April '16

More US Schools Have High Levels Of Lead Or Copper In Their Water Supply

Recent testing found that more U.S. schools have high lead content in their water supply. Lead poisoning can have irreversible effects on the human body.

Russian Passenger Plane Crashes In Egypt's Sinai

Parenting  29 March '16

Virginia Tech Psychologist: Parents Play Pivotal Role In Helping Kids Understand Terror Attacks

Dr. Russell Jones shares his expert insights on how parents can help their kids cope with the violence they see on television.

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