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Ethan Roser

Children  24 April '17

Wheaton College Student Dies After Hammer Throw Accident At Track Meet

A Wheaton freshman student died after he was accidentally struck by a hammer at a track meet.

National Adoption Day Marked At Miami Children's Museum

Family Life  4 December '16

Partnership For Children Wants To Warm Some Children This Holiday Season

Child care services in Missoula asked people to donate warm clothes for troubled children.

FBI Searches For Rudolph Evidence In Woods

Family Life  22 July '16

Minnesota Storm Kills Two Campers, A Teen Boy And A Female Volunteer

A storm has left Minnesota devastated with no electricity, filled the streets with debris, uprooted trees and killed two campers.

Painkiller Capsules

Health/Nutrition  18 January '16

Clinical Trial Tragedy In France; 1 Man Died, 5 Admitted In The Hospital After Volunteering

A total of six men who volunteered to take part in a clinical trial of a painkiller suffered from adverse effect of the medication; one died and the other five was admitted in the hospital currently in a stable condition.

Health/Nutrition  4 December '13

Young international volunteers need better medical info

High school and college graduates who traveled to developing countries to volunteer suffered more illnesses and injuries than regular tourists, in a new German study. And not all of them got the best medical advice before leaving.

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