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Chahat Kumar

Children  15 April '17

How An 8-Month-Old Baby In India Gained Weight Like An Average 4-Year-Old

A photo of an Indian baby, eight-months-old, weighing like an average four-year-old circulated online.

Children's Hospital Class Aims To Help Youth With Obesity Issues

Body  10 October '16

Childhood Obesity & Chronic Illness To Affect 268 Million Kids in 2025 Globally, Study Reveals

The latest study's findings come as World Obesity Day is observed on Tuesday, Oct. 11. Agencies must be aware of the risks so that counter measures will be set in place.

smoking woman

Growing Baby  22 June '16

Children of Mothers Who Smoke While Pregnant More Susceptible to Health and Behavioral Problems

Smoking does not only lessen the weight of babies in utero, it also causes physical deformities like smaller skulls.

Spanish Jamon Iberico Industry Prepares For Busy Christmas Period

Health/Nutrition  27 February '16

High Body Mass Index Can Impair Man's Episodic Memory, Experts Say

There's another healthy reason why the body needs to lose weight -- being linked to poor memory.

Weight loss is achievable with a good balance of healthy food choices and regular physical activities.

Health/Nutrition  22 January '16

Weight Loss Diet: Key to Effective Dieting Is To Squeeze In Breaks, Study Says

Weight that yoyos can be a frustrating challenge for dieters. However, findings from a recent research may have found the key to effective weight loss.

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