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Murder in Connecticut

Issues  28 April '17

How Fitbit Helped Investigators Solve A 2015 Connecticut Murder Case

The Connecticut police just solved a 2015 murder case using the victim's Fitbit.

Dyson and Jen Atkin Personal Appearance event at The Grove

Family Life  26 November '16

Insta-Parents: A Life Embedded In Snapshots

Hooper, along with his four daughters and wife, documents his everyday parenting adventures on his Instagram.

Father Killed His Two Sons, 4 And 5, Then Himself After Amber Alert Issued

Toddler  13 November '16

Father of Two Kills His Own Children Then Commits Suicide

A dad from Missouri killed his two sons and committed suicide after.

Teresa Giudice receive flowers from prison for wedding anniversary from husband Joe Giudice

Celebrity Moms  24 October '16

Teresa Giudice Gets Flowers From Joe Giudice From Prison For Wedding Anniversary

Teresa Giudice celebrated her 17th wedding anniversary with husband Joe Giudice last Oct. 23. She received a beautiful bouquet of red roses to mark their special day.

Bureau Of Engraving And Printing Prints New Anti-Counterfeit 100 Dollar Bills

Family Life  13 August '16

How Does an Alleged Fraudster Raise His Kid? "Money is King"

Alleged frarudster Philip Esformes is said to expose his youngest son to the "lifestyle of a rockstar."


Family Life  2 August '16

Divorce News: Employment Of Husband A Big Factor For Couples Parting Ways

The employment of a husband affects the strength of a marriage.

Dallas Mourns Killings Of Five Police Officers

Family Life  11 July '16

Dallas Shooting Victims: Sniper Killed Dads, Husbands, And Protectors Of The State

A vigil was held in honor of fallen policemen, which included dads, in the Dallas shooting last week.

Womens Groups Protest Against MSP Bill Walker

News  5 July '16

How Parents Can Help Their Son Leave Abusive Wife

An abusive marriage is not healthy for the abused partner and their children. In any case, the wise option is to leave and start a new life.

marijuana brownie

Health/Nutrition  17 April '14

Husband kills wife due to marijuana-induced hallucinations

A man from Denver experiencing marijuana-induced hallucinations shot his wife to death while she was on the phone with police Monday, according to reports.

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