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Water Snake Wigglies

School  24 March '17

Wisconsin Father Gets Angry After Principal Accuses His Daughter Of Selling Sex Toys At School

A Wisconsin father became irate against the principal of the school where his daughter goes to after the school official accused the father's daughter of selling sex toys.

Santa Listens To Tots Christmas Lists

Autism  6 December '16

US Malls’ Sensory-Friendly Santa Applauded For Ensuring A Comfortable Experience For Children With Autism

Malls in the United States have introduced sensory-friendly Santas for children with autism. The experience catered to these kids' special needs, such as the absence of bright lights and loud music.

50th Anniversary Of CPR Marked In San Francisco

Health/Nutrition  27 October '16

Heart Attack Rates In America: Which U.S. Communities Have The Healthiest, Weakest Hearts?

Some cities in the United States have many residents with healthy hearts and aren't susceptible to heart attacks. Others, however, have people with weak hearts and are prone to heart attacks.

Staten Island Neighborhood Grapples With Heroin Epidemic

Health/Nutrition  25 October '16

Drug Addiction Epidemic Best Curbed By Peer Recovery Specialists? How Shared Experiences Help

Peer recovery programs introduce peer recovery coaches or specialists to drug overdose patients while they're still in emergency rooms and maintain contact with them after they get discharged. Patients develop a bond and trust these coaches because they share the same experiences.

GLAAD Gala San Francisco

Development  12 October '16

A Transgender Childhood: The Ups & Downs Experienced By Kids

Sixteen-year-old Jazz Jennings is one of the most prominent transgender children of today. Some transgender kids have been forced to hide their true gender identities to conform to the public, but others are lucky and have the freedom to dress in accordance to the gender they identify with.

Students Participate In Their School's Final Year Prom Dance

Teens/Young Adults  26 July '16

Sick Teen Crowned Prom Queen In Dance Before Her Assisted Suicide

A teen gets her last dance before ending her life after battling pain from an incurable disease.

North Carolina Clashes With U.S. Over New Public Restroom Law

Politics  7 July '16

Thirteen-State Coalition Steps Up The Legal Fight Against Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Policy

The 13-state coalition has asked a federal court in Texas to stop the Obama transgender bathroom policy's enforcement while the lawsuit is ongoing. Texas AG Ken Paxton said the Obama administration is equating the term "sex" with "gender identity" in federal laws.


Behavior  12 May '16

More Recovery High Schools Are Popping Up In The US To Help Students Stay Sober From Drugs And Graduate

Recovery high schools are doing all they can to help teenagers fight their substance addiction. These schools are giving teens a second chance to finish their studies and graduate.

'Good Grief' Camp Counsels Children Of Fallen Military Personnel

Teens/Young Adults  9 May '16

Wisconsin City Parents Must Pay For Their Kids’ Bullying

Parents from a city in Wisconsin must pay for fines in case their child is caught bullying another child.

Three Arrests Made In The Case Of Missing Chef Claudia Lawrence

Teens/Young Adults  26 April '16

Gunman Opens Fire At Wisconsin High School Prom

A Wisconsin teenager walked in front of Antigo High School and started shooting at students who were attending a school prom. Two people were injured during the incident while the lone gunman was shot down by responding police officers.

UNDATED FILE PHOTO Aventis Pasteur Donates

Medicine  22 April '16

Elizabethkingia Outbreak 2016: 5 Important Things To Know About This Rare Bacterial Illness That Plagues Wisconsin

Illinois health officials recently announced 10 new cases of infection from Elizabethkingia. This rare bacterial illness was first found in Wisconsin.

Health Authorities Seek Clues To EHEC Outbreak

Health/Nutrition  15 April '16

Puzzling Bacterial Infection Confirmed in Illinois, Claims Another Life

The mysterious bacteria which have killed more than 20 people in the United States continue to spread to other states.

New Green Manufacturing Hub Opens In Brooklyn Navy Yard

News  30 March '16

Maker Space Classes Expose Kids To Advanced Technology This Spring Break

Maker Space classes are fastly becoming a trend in the U.S. The week-long learning experience teaches kids how to use high-tech machines. Parents, meanwhile, get to be at the receiving end of their child's output.

Israeli Laboratory Leads Western World In Blood Testing

Health/Nutrition  21 March '16

Blood Infection Called Elizabethkingia is Spreading in Wisconsin

A rare and mysterious blood infection called the Elizabethkingia bacteria is now spreading in Wisconsin. It is reported to spread first in Michigan; the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services confirmed it in a statement.

Blood test tubes

Health/Nutrition  21 March '16

Elizabethkingia Outbreak: Rare Blood Infection Spreads From Wisconsin To Michigan

Elizabethkingia, a rare blood infection with an unknown cause, has already sickened dozens in Wisconsin since November and has been reported in a Michigan resident.

Medical Marijuana crop.

Health/Nutrition  24 April '15

Medical Marijuana Access: Reason for 4-Year Old Daughter from Wisconsin Family to Relocate to Colorado?

Medical Marijuana is of urgent necessity to the health of a little girl in Wisconsin. So much so that her family is willing to move to Colorado to access the controversial drug, according to Yahoo! Parenting.

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