'No Man's Sky' Release Date & Update: Release Date Of Game Finally Announced! Will Not Be Carried By PlayStation VR

By Faye Jimenea, Parent Herald March 06, 07:57 am

The long and highly awaited video game "No Man's Sky" has been in the minds of many gamers and sci-fi enthusiast alike and the hype is no questions because "No Man's Sky" is quiet the game and despite it having been announced a long time ago, fans are still patiently waiting for its release. Many times the release of "No Man's Sky" has been quietly moved and moved and many fans have speculations as to why this is happening, and a lot of times they believe that it is caused by Sony's PlayStation VR.

Sony's PlayStation VR (Virtual Reality) is something new and the fact that "No Man's Sky" is a sci-fi video game, which lets the players discover new worlds and build one, makes it a very good partner for each other. But it seems that during the release of "No Man's Sky" it will not be available for Sony's PlayStation VR, this was discussed by one of "No Man's Sky" head developers in an interview.

"I think 'No Man's Sky' would be a really exciting title for VR. I think it would be cool, but we're a tiny team working on this game right now," Sean Murray discussed. "After the game comes out we'll just have to see what people most want. When we launch, we want people to see what we have in mind, which is exploring."

According to Murray the expansion of the game to different consoles and about DLC's will only be revealed or known during the time of the release or after the release of "No Man's Sky," this is because this is the first game of its kind and that the feedback of the gamers are very important to the improvement of the game. Other than that, fans are now extremely happy after the "No Man's Sky" release date was finally announced.

 "No Man's Sky" release date has been confirmed to be on June 21, 2016 for PS4 and PC.

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