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Skin layer grown from human stem cells could replace animals in drug and cosmetics testing

An international team led by King's College London and the San Francisco Veteran Affairs Medical Center (SFVAMC) has developed the first lab-grown epidermis – the outermost skin layer - with a functional permeability barrier akin to real skin. The new epidermis, grown from human pluripotent stem cells, offers a cost-effective alternative lab model for testing drugs and cosmetics, and could also help to develop new therapies for rare and common skin disorders.

Group therapy chairs

Too many chefs: Smaller groups exhibit more accurate decision-making

The trope that the likelihood of an accurate group decision increases with the abundance of brains involved might not hold up when a collective faces a variety of factors - as often happens in life and nature. Instead, Princeton University researchers report that smaller groups actually tend to make more accurate decisions while larger assemblies may become excessively focused on only certain pieces of information.


Teachers' scare tactics may lead to lower exam scores

Students not threatened by bad consequences of failing perform better on tests


Reduce wrinkles with exercise, study suggests

It's hardly news that exercise is great for your health, but it may reverse skin aging in people who start a workout regimen later in life, a surprising new study finds.

Celebrity MomsIt’s another girl for Drew Barrymore!

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore welcomed her second daughter on Tuesday following the healthy delivery of baby Frankie, according to reports.

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HealthYour T-shirt’s ringing: telecommunications in the spaser age


A new version of "spaser" technology being investigated could mean that mobile phones become so small, efficient, and flexible they could be printed on clothing.

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HealthNovel compound halts cocaine addiction and relapse behaviors


A novel compound that targets an important brain receptor has a dramatic effect against a host of cocaine addiction behaviors, including relapse behavior, a University at Buffalo animal study has found.

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Celebrity MomsBeyoncé and Jay Z tour rumors circulate

Beyonce and Jay Z

Beyoncé and Jay Z are reportedly launching a 20-date nationwide tour.

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Trending NewsJenny McCarthy and Donnie Walberg engaged

"Jenny McCarthy" and "Donnie Wahlberg"

Jenny McCarthy announced Wednesday that she and boyfriend Donnie Wahlberg are engaged.

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HealthCasual marijuana use linked to brain abnormalities


Casual marijuana use may be linked to brain abnormalities associated with emotion and motivation, according to a new study published in The Journal of Neuroscience.

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Celebrity MomsJ.K. Rowling sues Daily Mail for libel over 'sob story'

"J.K. Rowling"

J.K. Rowling is suing the Daily Mail for libel after the website claimed the author wrote a misleading "sob story" in which she said she was taunted by churchgoers for being a single mother.

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Trending NewsMiley Cyrus hospitalized, cancels 'Bangerz' Kansas City concert

"Miley Cyrus"

Miley Cyrus was forced to cancel her "Bangerz Tour" stop in Kansas City, MO, on Tuesday due to a "severe" allergic reaction to antibiotics.

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InfantConjoined twins finally on their way home

"Ezell" twins

Conjoined twins Owen and Emmett Ezell are finally free to go into rehabilitation - and then home - months after a successful separation at a Dallas hospital.

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Celebrity MomsMila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher expecting baby girl

"Mila Kunis" and "Ashton Kutcher"

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are expecting a baby girl later this year, multiple sources confirmed.

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Trending News'Bachelorette' star Andi Dorfman snubs Juan Pablo in show's first promo

Andi Dorfman

The promotional poster for the upcoming season of the "Bachelorette" starring Andi Dorfman pulls no punches.

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Trending News'World's Toughest Job' applicants in for a heartfelt surprise


"World's Toughest Job" applicants were given a heartfelt surprise at the end of their interviews.

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Trending News#WhyIDidntReport: Rape survivors band together to tell their story

Rape survivors tweet

#WhyIDidntReport is the latest hashtag to provide rape victims a platform to share their story and, in this case, why they chose not to report the abuse.

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NewsSeven dead babies found in woman's Utah home

"Megan Huntsman"

Police arrested a woman Sunday after seven dead babies were discovered in her Utah home.

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PregnancyBabies cry at night to prevent parents from procreating, study suggests


Babies cry at night to prevent their mom from procreating and giving birth to a sibling, a Harvard University study speculates.

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Man ordered to wear 'I AM A BULLY!' sign after harassing neighbors

Man sentenced to wear  "I AM A BULLY" sign after harassing neighbors

By court order, an Ohio man was forced to wear an "I AM A BULLY!" sign after harassing his neighbors for more than 10 years.

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Stanford University

Most popular college is not an Ivy League

Stanford University, a non-Ivy League school, is the most popular college among students, according to a Princeton Review survey involving more than 10,000 students.

marijuana vending machine in Avon, Colorado

Pot vending machine unveiled in Colorado

A pot vending machine known as ZaZZZ was unveiled Saturday at Montana's Smokehouse barbecue in Avon, Colo.


Stay-at-home mom more popular job nowadays

More moms are opting to stay at home rather than enter the workforce, a new study suggests.


Father too busy playing video games to save 2-year-old son's life

A father was allegedly too busy playing video games to save his 2-year-old son's life, South Korean police said Monday.

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Twitter American Airlines threat a 'joke,' 14-year-old girl claims, is arrested

A 14-year-old girl tweeted a terror threat at American Airlines, later claiming that it was a "joke." Police in Rotterdam reportedly arrested the Dutch girl in relation to the threat, local media said.

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