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Mommy To The Rescue: Mom Fights Back Internet Bullies Over Son's Meme on Facebook

A mom saved her son from being bullied because of the way he looks.

Man Sleeping Peacefully

Oversleeping Is Just As Bad As Not Getting Enough Sleep; Leads To Higher Risk of Premature Death

Sleeping too much is more likely to lead to a person's risk of dying earlier especially when combined with behaviors of sitting for prolonged periods or not exercising according to a new study.

Handmade wedding

Frugal Bride Just Spent $13,000 For Her Wedding And Everything Was Made From Scratch

A couple managed to spend $13,000 for their wedding by making everything from scratch.


Top 5 Iron-Rich Foods That Can Keep Your Blood, Skin, Hair And Nails Healthy

Do you feel exhausted lately or cannot go up the stairs even you're physically fit? Probably, you might be lacking in iron.

Potty Training

Is Your Toddler Ready For Potty Training?

Potty training need not be stressful but a joyful and rewarding task.

HealthThe Researchers Found A Way To Keep A Cancerous Tumor From Growing By Using Nanoparticles

Cancer Images

The engineers at Washington University in St.Louis discovered a way to inhibit a cancerous tumor from spreading by employing the novel nanoparticles.

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HealthLong-Term Use Of Marijuana Has Lasting Effects; Can Cause Vocabulary Problems Later On

Residents Celebrate As Marijuana Use Becomes Legal In Washington State

The repeated use of marijuana for up to 25 years can cause verbal memory problems later on in life as concluded by a new study.

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Parenting6 Parenting Hacks That Will Help Save Every Parent's Day

Daniela Katzenberger And Lucas Cordalis Family Photocall

What you will read here are parenting hacks that will make your life as a mom or dad a lot easier and even more fun.

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ParentingThe Dangers Of Modern Parenting That Parents Are Oblivious Of

Fiesta in Asturias, Spain

Here are some eye-awakening facts about the truth and dangers of modern day parenting.

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ToddlerMiracle Baby Boy From Oregon Survives Microcephaly; His Progress Will Surely Inspire You

Brazil Faces New Health Epidemic As Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Spreads Rapidly

Doctors said Dylan, 2, would never be able to walk or communicate because he has microcephaly. But now, he can walk before he even reached his second birthday.

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ToddlerParenting Tips: Table Manners For Toddlers

Toddler eating from a bowl

Are you tired of cleaning up the unbelievable mess left behind by your toddler after every meal? Learn the best ways to reduce the mess and encourage table manners on toddlers.

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ParentingParents of Singles VS Parents of Multiples: Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages Singleton Parents Have Over Multiples' Parent

Being a parent of multiples can be tough and challenging.

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NewsThree Divorced Women Revealed Some Tips On How Marriages Are Going To Work

Couples Get Married In Group Ceremony On Valentine's Day

Three divorced women shared life lessons that thet should have realized before their marriage went down the hill.

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Authorities Advise Parents To Keep Kids And Teens Safe On Social Media


Concerns about children’s safety on social media spur after a 13-year-old Virginia girl was murdered. Authorities believe that the victim met her killer on a Facebook group.

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HealthNew Study Claims Beard Bacteria Could Be A Source Of New Antibiotics

Bronxwrites' Poetry Slam Finals

Beard bacteria could be a good source of new antibiotics.

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ParentingHow To Get Your Child Interested In Playing Musical Instruments

Learning guitars

Seeing your child play a musical instrument can make you a very proud parent. Check out these helpful tips if you want your child to learn.

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Trending NewsAmy Duggar King Opens Up About Sex And Scandal About Her Family; Admits Feeling Different From The Rest Of The Duggars

FOX News' Megyn Kelly Interviews Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Amy Duggar King opens up to People about her marriage to husband Dillon, premarital sex and shares the reason why she felt different from the famous clan.

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PregnancyTaking Medicine During Pregnancy, What Pregnant Women Should Know

Lifestyle During Pregnancy

Part of taking good care of oneself althroughout the course duration of pregnancy is through taking the right medication.

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HealthWorld Cancer Day 2016: With A New Hope For Cure

UCSF Cancer Center Uses Latest Technologies To Battle Cancer

February 4, 2016 is a celebration of life for cancer survivors with a new hope from President Obama through medical research.

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ToddlerADHD Symptoms Parents Need To Look Out For


Kids showing some extreme behavior such as running, jumping, climbing on things or even talking excessively may have ADHD.

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Hugh Jackman Visits Disneyland

Family Vacation Tips: 5 Perfect Places For Children

Having difficulties in choosing a place to have fun with your kids? Read on and find out the best places to take them?

Prince Of Wales Visits The National Heritage Garden

Organic Food Is The Key To A Healthier Life Even With Its Expensive Price

Organic foods as the key to maintain and attain healthy living.

Grammy Award Winner P!nk Celebrates Nationwide Launch Of UNICEF Kid Power With NYC School Children

How To Nurture Acts Of Kindness To Your Children And Youths

Kindness can shape the character of your children and youth. Learn the ways on how you can instill acts of kindness to your children and the youths, too.

#CDUdigital Conference In Berlin

The Negative Effects Of Facebook On Productivity and Parenting

Do you know that you could be wasting $3.5 trillion worth of productivity whenever you are on Facebook? Know how and why here.

Hugh Jackman Visits Disneyland

Family Vacation Tips: 5 Perfect Places For Children

Having difficulties in choosing a place to have fun with your kids? Read on and find out the best places to take them?

Siamese Cat

Cat Nutrition: 3 Kinds Of Food You Should Never Share With Cats

Being a cat owner is a big responsibility. Learn the right kinds of food for your pet cat and the kinds of food you should keep it away from.

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