Babies Romeo And Juliet Born Hours Apart

Babies Named Romeo And Juliet Born At Same Hospital 18 Hours Apart Cause A Frenzy

Baby Romeo and Juliet's families did not know of each other's existence until someone tipped them about their neighboring hospital rooms.

by Amanda Moore

Babies with HIV

Records Show Sharp Decrease In Number Of Babies Born With HIV In The US

The number of cases regarding babies born with HIV started to decrease from 2002.

by Claire Parker

Touch Therapy In Babies

Touch, Skin-To-Skin Contact In Premature Babies Help Shape Brains, Study Says

Because they have not completed a pregnancy term, the brains of premature babies haven't fully developed their sensory abilities.

by Amanda Moore

Couple Married In Hospice For Dying Son

Couple Weds In Hospice So Infant Son Can Witness; He's Dying From A Rare Genetic Disorder

Christopher and Patricia Armstrong's son Conner had Trisomy 18, also known as Edward's syndrome.

by Amanda Moore

Big Bow Headband For Babies

Parents Of Baby Girls Warned Over Big Bow Headbands After 14-Week-Old Infant Dies

The baby apparently experienced suffocation asphyxiation and her mother didn't notice anything was wrong while the baby slept.

by Amanda Moore

Birmingham Women's Hospital Offers Technological Advances In Its Care

North Carolina Couple Receives Call Over Heart Donor For Their Daughter

A North Carolina couple just received a heart donor for their baby girl after their church offered prayers for her.

by Claire Parker

Breast Not Always Best

Breast Is Not Always Best? Why This Mom Says She Regrets Breastfeeding

Maddi Carter breastfed her daughter for almost four months. Only when she stopped did she feel better about the whole experience.

by Amanda Moore

Breastfeeding Tattoo

Moms Are Getting Breastfeeding Tattoos To Celebrate Nursing Their Babies - Is This Safe?

Commemorating breastfeeding with a permanent symbol is a positive thing for mothers, according to an expert but some precautions have to be observed before getting inked.

by Amanda Moore

Safe Sleep Practices In Newborn Babies

Safe Sleep Practices: Many Parents Still Unaware Of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Risks, Study Reveals

Parents remember the ABC for safe sleep practices - Always on their Back in Clear cots.

by Amanda Moore

Nursery Items Cause Concussions In Babies

Popular Nursery Items Linked To Rising Cases Of Injury And ER Visits Among Children, Study Finds

These must-have nursery items send a child to the emergency room every eight minutes.

by Amanda Moore

Baby Milestones At Six Months

Baby Milestones: Sleep Basics Expected At 6 Months; Training Baby To Adapt A Sleep Routine

Once the baby reaches six months she will be able to follow a sleep routine better and parents need to be consistent about this.

by Amanda Moore

Pregnant woman

New Hampshire Woman Refuses To Get Help While In Labor Unless Getting Heroin, Meth; Baby Now In State Custody

A New Hampshire woman refused to get help while she was in labor unless heroin and meth were given to her.

by Claire Parker

Breastmilk Supply

Is Baby Getting Enough Milk? How To Tell If Breastfeeding Is Working, According To Experts

Experts share some indicators for moms to know if their newborn is taking in milk or not.

by Amanda Moore

Elimination Communication In Babies

Mom Shuns Diapers For Newborn, Toilet Trains 2-Week-Old Baby On The Sink; What Is Elimination Communication?

In some countries and cultures, parents do this method so that the baby is diaper-free.

by Amanda Moore

Weaning Baby's First Solid Foods

Weaning Baby: Modern Parents Choosing Rice Cakes, Kale And Avocados As First Solid Foods

More moms and dads are picking out interesting choices of baby food so that they do not grow up to become fussy eaters.

by Amanda Moore

Lesbian Couple Take Turns Feeding Baby

Breastfeeding Without Giving Birth: Lesbian Couple Take Turns To Breastfeed Baby Girl But Only One Got Pregnant

Both moms are lactating. So what did the other mom, who did not get pregnant, do to produce milk?

by Amanda Moore

Parents Urged To Choose Over The Counter or Prescription Teething Options For Babies

Child Safety: FDA Warns Parents Over The Dangers Of Homeopathic Teething Products

The FDA has issued a warning against homeopathic teething gels and tablets from Hyland's.

by alexa ancheta

Climate Change And Low Birth Weight

Climate Change And Baby Weight: Extreme Weathers Increase Risk For Low Birth Weight, Says Study

Turns out, global warming also affects the weight of infants and pregnant moms should take heed.

by Amanda Moore

Breast milk bank faces shortage of donations

Baby’s Health: Encouraging Donations For Breast Milk Banks

A breast milk bank in Ireland is experiencing a shortage in supply but managers are hoping it is only temporary.

by alexa ancheta

Cluster Feeding

Newborn Starves To Death After Mom Exclusively Tries Breastfeeding; She Tells All About Cluster Feeding

Jillian Johnson learned from parenting classes and books, as well as hospital staffers, that breast is always best. No one encouraged her to go with a feeding via bottle.

by Amanda Moore

Stillborn Baby Accidentally Cremated

Parents Left Devastated After Hospital Accidentally Cremates Their Baby Girl

Stella Pirko and Anthony Meyers asked for an autopsy so they can find out what caused Krystal Rose's death but the hospital didn't do this.

by Amanda Moore

Fatehmeh Reshad

Iranian Baby Now Recovering After Delayed Heart Surgery Due To US President Donald Trump's Travel Ban

The Iranian baby whose heart surgery was delayed after President Donald Trump imposed a travel ban is now recovering.

by Claire Parker

Octopus For A Preemie

Comforting Preemies: How Crocheted Octopus Toys Help Premature Babies Survive

Premature babies are getting the comfort and security they need from crocheted octopus toys.

by alexa ancheta

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