Jamelle Peterkin

Texas Mom Faces Charges For Burning And Torturing Own Son

A Texas mother was seen in a video burning her son and stuffing plastic to his mouth.

by Claire Parker

Hyland's Baby Teething Tablets and Gel

Federal Drug Administration Orders Hyland's Baby Teething Tablets Recall, Suspects Toxic Risks

The Federal Drug Administration ordered the recall of Hyland's Baby Teething Tablets.

by Claire Parker

10 infants tested positive for MRSA

How Infants Contacted Antibiotic-Resistant Superbug MRSA Without Their Mothers Knowing

A hospital in California remained mum despite the fact that their patients got infected by MRSA while inside the pediatric ICU.

by Abbie Kraft

US Embassy Interviews Terrorist Baby

Terrorist Baby? US Embassy Summons 3-Month-Old For Interview After Grandpa's Error In Travel Forms

Officials at the U.S. Embassy wanted to be sure Harvey Kenyon-Cairns, three months, had no plans of blowing up America, so they invited him to an interview.

by Amanda Moore

Flat Head Syndrome In Babies

Flat Head Syndrome: How Bad Is Flat Head In Babies? What Parents Can Do To Correct Plagiocephaly

Flat head syndrome or plagiocephaly in babies is common and the solutions are easy if parents pay enough attention.

by Amanda Moore

Chahat Kumar

How An 8-Month-Old Baby In India Gained Weight Like An Average 4-Year-Old

A photo of an Indian baby, eight-months-old, weighing like an average four-year-old circulated online.

by Claire Parker

Floating Neck Rings In Baby Spa

Baby Spa Floating Neck Rings Have Hidden Risks, Experts Warn [PHOTOS, VIDEOS]

Business is booming for baby spas in Australia but some experts warn parents there are risks despite the perks.

by Amanda Moore

Baby Boxes And Sleep Safety Practices

Baby Box Sleep Safety: Cincinnati Doctors Not Convinced Cardboard Boxes Reduce SIDS - Here's Why!

Finland pioneered baby boxes decades ago and now more states in America are embracing the practice but Cincinnati doctors want more scientific proof that it's effective.

by Amanda Moore

Birth Asphyxia: Weather-Predicting Technology May Help Oxygen-Deprived Neonates To Survive

Birth Asphyxia: Weather-Predicting Technology May Help Oxygen-Deprived Neonates To Survive

Technology of a weather-forecasting tool may be the answer to a long-standing pediatric grey matter as it can be used to test infant's response to asphyxia treatments.

by OIivia Etienne

Infant mortality rate among African-American babies are twice as high compared to other nationalities.

African-American Infant Mortality Rates Are Twice As High Compared To Other Races

Statistics reveal that mortality rate among African-American infants is twice as high.

by Abbie Kraft

Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy: World's First Baby With

Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy: Researcher Claims World's First Baby With 'Three-Parent' DNA Is Healthy

Dr. John Zhang announced that mitochondrial replacement therapy produced a healthy baby boy free from genetic diseases, yet, critics question the specialist's endeavour as it posts more questions about the controversial procedure.

by Olivia Etienne

Newborns Are Getting Bigger And Bigger

Super-Sized Babies In Childbirth: Why Are Newborn Infants Getting Bigger And Bigger?

Experts said that even as the number of big babies are few, there's still cause for alarm as their birth weight is getting bigger.

by Amanda Moore

Muslim Babies Outpacing Christian Babies

Muslim Babies Will Outnumber Christian Newborns By 2035, Study Projects

Currently, Christianity has the largest global population followed by Islam but experts said Muslim births accelerated since 2010 and could outpace Christian births in two decades.

by Amanda Moore

Twin Baby Girls Die On The Same Day

New Jersey Twins Die On Same Day In Separate Cribs, Experts Rule Out SIDS

Alexandria Garnett lost her 7-month-old twin girls who were only sleeping on their cribs. Medical examiners, however, said this wasn't a case of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

by Amanda Moore

3-Parent IVF Technique Revealed

How Did Experts Conceive World's First 3-Parent Baby? Scientists Say They Risked Creating Mutant Baby

Dr. John Zhang and his New York team did the experiment on the three-parent baby but other scientists question the procedure.

by Amanda Moore

British, Canadian Babies Cry More

Study Finds British And Canadian Babies Are World's Worst Crybabies, Dutch Infants Cry Less

Experts established a crying chart that showed British, Canadian and Italian babies cried more during their first weeks due to colic.

by Amanda Moore

Rainbow Baby, Sunshine Baby And Angel Baby

Rainbow Baby, Sunshine Baby And Angel Baby: Learn The Difference, A Guide For Parents

Rainbow, sunshine and angel babies are distinguishable terms but these refer to one and the same thing for parents: their precious children.

by Amanda Moore

High Heeled Baby Shoes Draws Criticism

Babies Wearing Heels: Parents Lose Their Minds Over Pee Wee Pumps, Infant Shoes Have High Heels

Pee Wee Pumps owner and creator Michelle Holbrook responded to the criticisms her crib shoes sexualized children.

by Amanda Moore


San Diego County Health Officials Confirm Baby Born To Mother Infected With Zika Has Microcephaly

San Diego County health officials confirmed that a baby was born with microcephaly in the area.

by Claire Parker


Tennessee Health Officials Say Old Sleeping Habits Of Babies Contribute On Infant Mortality Rate

Tennessee health officials claimed in a new study that old practices on how to put babies to sleep contributed on the deaths of infants.

by Claire Parker

Breastfeeding And Smarter Babies

Breastfeeding Benefits Has No IQ Boost; Experts Say Breastfed Kids Less Hyper, Not Smarter

There are other factors that make babies smarter and experts saw no direct causal links that breastfeeding is one of the reasons.

by Amanda Moore

Baby Box

Alabama Encourages Safe Sleeping Habits For Parents With Newborn Babies By Giving Baby Boxes

Baby boxes help protect newborn babies from dying, as well as help parents understand safe sleeping habits.

by Claire Parker

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