Napercise For Parents

Workout For Tired Parents: Gym Offers 'Napercise' Class To Reinvigorate Exhausted Moms And Dads

Parents come to this gym for napercise, where they do 15-minute stretches and sleep for 45 minutes.

by Amanda Moore

Lyme Disease Is From Ticks

Lyme Disease Prevention: How Can Parents Protect Children From Tick-Borne Illness

Parents, don't dismiss rashes, fever and fatigue in kids, especially when Lyme disease infection is on the rise.

by Amanda Moore

Breastfeeding In Church

Breastfeeding In Church: Mom Escorted Outside For Nursing While Not Covering Breast During The Service

Annie Peguero nursed her 19-month-old baby as she listened to the church service but a woman chastised and escorted her out.

by Amanda Moore

Babyproofing House Not Necessary

Is Babyproofing Nonsense? Mom-Of-2 Explains Why She Shuns This Practice

Abby Plested maintains a picture-perfect house she never baby proofs despite having a 3-year-old and a 3-month-old.

by Amanda Moore


Researchers Explain The Probability Of PTSD Gene

Researchers explain the potential impact of PTSD on the future generation.

by Abbie Kraft

For The Love of Preloved: More Parents Get Into Consignment Sales For Kid's Stuff

For The Love of Preloved: More Parents Get Into Consignment Sales For Kid's Stuff

More parents become attracted to consignment sales because it can stretch their dollar and can be the best solution for kid's quick-fading taste on clothes and toys.

by Olivia Etienne

Social Media And Parents Use Have Its Ups And Downs

Social Media And Parents: How Your Facebook Obsession Affects Your Kids

Social media have both helped and harmed parents and its effects also reflect on the kids.

by Amanda Moore

Bill Nye Wants Big Families Penalized

Bill Nye Wants American Parents With 'Extra Kids' Punished; Suggests Sterilization, Abortion As Climate Change Fix

Bill Nye and his panel had a few controversial ideas for population control and one viewer compared this to Hitler.

by Amanda Moore

Beyonce Formation Scholarship

Beyoncé's Formation Scholarship: 4 Female Students To Receive Free College Education; Michelle Obama Commends Beyoncé

Beyoncé launched her Formation Scholarship on Monday, April 24. She will pick four female students as beneficiaries.

by Amanda Moore

School Vouchers For Religious Subsidy

School Vouchers Subsidize Religion? Here's Why This Perception About Private Schools Is Misguided

Those opposed to school vouchers said it serves to keep private religious schools afloat, but one educator debunks the notion.

by Amanda Moore

New Stark Health Warnings For French Smokers

Woman Expresses Disbelief After Seeing Her Dying Father's Photo On A Cigarette Pack

Jodi Charles was furious after seeing her father's photo on a cigarette pack.

by Abbie Kraft

Police warns parents of the

Authorities Warn Parents About The 'Blue Whale' Suicide Game Trend On Social Media

Authorities raise the alarm as more than 100 suicide cases in the Russia was caused by a social media game.

by Abbie Kraft

American Academy of Pediatrics opened up about  7 Great Achievements in Pediatric Research

American Academy Of Pediatrics Highlights 7 Great Achievements In Pediatric Research

The American Academy of Pediatrics opened up about the 7 Great Achievements in Pediatric Research as they call out to increase their funding for child care research.

by Abbie Kraft

Pregnant Student And Teen Parents In Nebraska

Pregnant Students, Teen Parents State Bill Delayed; Lawmaker Says Rural Schools Won't Benefit

Nebraska's Legislative Bill 427 mandates all school districts to help pregnant students and teen parents finish high school.

by Amanda Moore

Kids Picking On Noses Is Fine, Says Experts

Kids Picking Their Nose Or Eating Snot Are Healthier And Parents Should Let Nose-Picking Be, Study Says

Parents normally tell their kids not to pick their nose as it's distasteful but experts reveal nose-picking isn't all that bad.

by Amanda Moore

Cycle Of Emotional Eating And Emotional Feeding

Emotional Eating, Emotional Feeding: Parents To Blame For Introducing Foods To Soothe Upset Kids

It's parents who trigger the cycle of emotional feeding and emotional eating in children, which could become a full-blown eating disorder.

by Amanda Moore

New Malaria Vaccine

Three African Nations Getting First Batch Of New Malaria Vaccine?

Three AfricannNations will get to test the first batch of the new malaria vaccine believed to save thousands.

by Claire Parker

Teresa Palmer

Teresa Palmer Opens Up About Letting Kids Watch TV, Eat Chocolates Rarely

Teresa Palmer, the Australian actress and parenting blogger, talked about how she sometimes let her kids watch TV and eat chocolate.

by Claire Parker

Childhood Obesity And Sleep Routines

Childhood Obesity, Sleep Routine Links: Following Regular Bedtime In Kids Lowers Obesity Risk, Study Says

Parents, instilling a sleep routine and regular bedtime in your kids lowers their obesity risk. Learn more from this report.

by Amanda Moore

American Airlines Flight Attendant Had An Incident With Crying Mom

American Airlines Passenger Speaks Up About Defending A Crying Mom From A Flight Attendant

Tony Fierro stood up against the American Airlines flight attendant who appeared to have made a mom cry.

by Amanda Moore

UC Davis Student Sets Up Vending Machine Filled With Condoms & Plan B Pills

UC Davis Student Sets Up Vending Machine Filled With Condoms, Plan B Pills

Parteek Singh recognizes the need of contraceptives among college students, hence, he proposed a vending machine full of birth-control needs and some emergency medications.

by Olivia Etienne

Ann Coulter

Some UC Berkeley Students Protest Ann Coulter's Visit While Conservatives Demand Rescheduling

University of California-Berkeley students have been clashing over the visit of Ann Coulter.

by Claire Parker

Kids Say Parents Spend Too Much Time On Smartphones

Kids Say Parents Are On Smartphones Too Much, New Survey A Wake-Up Call For Families

Parents, do you worry about your kids spending too much time on their smartphones? They worry about your mobile phone habits too, according to a new survey.

by Amanda Moore

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