Boyzone's Keith Duffy Has A Daughter With Autism

Boyzone Dad Keith Duffy Opens Up About Daughter With Autism, Tells Parents 'Stop Mourning' [VIDEOS]

Keith Duffy's daughter was diagnosed with autism at 18 months and she's now 17-years-old who recently earned her Junior Certificate.

by Amanda Moore

Richard Branson Has Dyslexia

Billionaire Richard Branson Says Dyslexia Not A Disadvantage But 'A Different Way Of Thinking'

Virgin CEO Richard Branson opened up about his dyslexia struggles before and now he's launching a new endeavor to help individuals struggling with the disorder.

by Amanda Moore

Mom Shares Her Reality In Parenting A Child With Special Needs: 'It Feels Like Drowning'

Mom Shares Her Reality In Parenting A Child With Special Needs: 'It Feels Like Drowning'

Jamie Ingledue tells all of how taking care of a child with special needs feels too overwhelming.

by Olivia Etienne

Autism Awareness: 'Amazing Things Happen' Video Helps Children Understand Autism Better [WATCH]

Alex Amelines, an animator from the U.K., created the video and encouraged parents and teachers to watch this with their kids.

by Amanda Moore

Teen's United Nations Prize Rescinded

United Nations Program Denies Teen With Autism's Essay Contest Prize Due To His Disability

Niko Boskovic, 15, won a trip to United Nations in New York but his family received word the organizers rescinded his prize.

by Amanda Moore

Michael Phelps Opens Up About ADHD

Michael Phelps On ADHD Struggles: Teachers Predicted He Won't Succeed, He Proves Them Wrong [VIDEO]

Olympic champion Michael Phelps believes he wouldn't have made it big in sports as a swimmer if it weren't for his ADHD.

by Amanda Moore

A man with special needs finds his passion through ice hockey.

Man With Special Needs Found Passion In Ice Hockey

Jason Praytor led his team to victory proving that being a person with special needs has no limits.

by Abbie Kraft

Parent-Doctor Relationship For Child With Special Needs

How Parents Can Work With Their Child's Special Needs Doctor

Establishing a positive relationship is a must because parents and doctors of a child with special needs will be in touch regularly.

by Amanda Moore

Apps For ADHD For iOS and Android Users

Apps For ADHD: Useful Free Tools For Kids And Adults With ADHD

There's no shortage of apps for ADHD on the internet, but which ones are most useful and free to use?

by Amanda Moore

Flying With Kids With Autism

Flying With Kids With Autism? What Parents Must Prepare And Do

As summer approaches, parents planning their family vacation should check out these tips, especially if they are flying with kids with autism.

by Amanda Moore

Worm Therapy For Autism

Worm Therapy For Autism: 4-Year-Old Progressing After 'Eating Worms' For 2 Months

The mom of 4-year-old Milan Solanski said her son showed improved behavior and responses after undergoing the experimental treatment.

by Amanda Moore

Coffee shops with staff diagnosed with learning abilities are now making it big.

Supports Flow For Café Run By Employees With Down Syndrome

A coffee shop run by adults with Down Syndrome was praised by thousands as people with the condition were given an outlet to grow.

by Abbie Kraft

Child With Autism Is Violent

Single Mom Fears Son With Autism Will Kill Her, Begs Help For Violent 9-Year-Old

Caroline Lewis, a single mother, wants her city council to help her with her 9-year-old son with autism's special needs education and care as he has become violent.

by Amanda Moore

Many Teens With Autism Have License To Drive

Autism And Driving: 1 In 3 Teens With Autism Licensed To Drive By 17 - Is It Safe?

About 94 percent of teens with autism are committed to learning how to drive and experts suggest ways to ensure they are safe behind the wheel.

by Amanda Moore

10-Year-Old Boy With Autism Handcuffed

Florida Mom Blasts School For Arresting, Handcuffing Her 10-Year-Old Child With Autism [VIDEO]

Mom Luanne Haygood caught the arrest of her son John Benji Haygood on video to expose the mistreatment of children with autism.

by Amanda Moore

Autism Treatments With Fake Claims

Autism Cure? FDA Issues Updated Warning Against Dangers Of Products With Fake Autism Treatment Claims

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) updated its warning against fake autism cure as new products promising quick fixes emerge.

by Amanda Moore

Video Feedback Program For Autism

Can Parents Reduce Autism Risks In Babies? Study Reveals How In 'Video Feedback' Program

A video feedback program may aid parents in the way they interact with babies who could have autism risks.

by Amanda Moore

Murder Suicide Shooting At Elementary School In San Bernardino Kills Three And Injures One

San Bernardino School Shooting: 8-Year-Old Special Needs Kid Among Dead; Adult Children Of Slain Teacher Heartbroken

Jonathan Martinez, 8, was collateral damage to the San Bernardino school shooting where teacher Karen Elaine Smith was the main target.

by Amanda Moore

Canada's Autism-Friendly Hotel

Canada Opens First Autism-Friendly Hotel; What Will Children With Autism Love At Hotel Port Aux Basques?

Hotel Port Aux Basques' owner Cathy Lomond, special education teacher Joan Chaisson, and the group Autism Involves Me worked together to transform the hotel into an autism-friendly site.

by Amanda Moore

Adult ADHD

Adult ADHD Symptoms: How To Check If Someone Over 18 Suffers From Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Do you suspect someone with adult ADHD symptoms? Read on to find out how to tell if it's really ADHD.

by Amanda Moore

Stem Cell Autism Treatment

Autism Treatment: Stem Cell Research Shows Hope For Children With Autism

Experts finished the first phase of the stem cell research at Duke University. Significant improvements were seen among the trial participants or children with autism.

by Amanda Moore

Hassan Dennaoui

How Does A Father With Special Needs Kid Help Raise Awareness About Autism? Through Hip-hop

A father with a child who has autism said he raises awareness about the condition through hip-hop.

by Claire Parker

Grandmothers Helpful In Early Autism Detection

Autism Awareness Month: Grandmothers Spot Autism Earlier, According To Experts

Grandmothers who have constant interaction with children with autism can help with early detection of the disorder better than parents.

by Amanda Moore

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