Same-Sex Dads Let Son Meet Real Mom

Adoption Story To Warm Your Hearts: Same-Sex Dads Arrange Their Son's Meeting With His Birth Mom

Dads Johnathon Bobbitt-Miller and Blair Miller decided to have Zeke, 4 and Cash, 3, through open adoption and Zeke's birth mom BreAnn Higgins agreed to a reunion recently.

by Amanda Moore

Lee Daniels Is A Foster Dad To Twins

'Empire' Creator Lee Daniels Explains Why He's A Proud Foster Parent To Twins

Lee Daniels' adopted his brother's twins when he wasn't prepared for fatherhood. Now he's proud foster parent.

by Amanda Moore

Kristin Chenoweth Ready To Adopt

Kristin Chenoweth Says She's Ready To Adopt A Child, Just Like Her Parents

Kristin Chenoweth's adoption as a baby was never a secret in her family and her adoptive parents, Junie and Jerry Chenoweth, explained this to her in the most sensible and loving way.

by Amanda Moore

Adoption And Its Effects On Marriage

Adoption Changes Marriage: The Challenges Couples Should Prepare For When Adopting A Child

Adoption offers couples a chance to complete their family but going through the process can change a marriage.

by Amanda Moore

Adopted - Full Movie

Why Parents Of Adopted Children Have To Be More Understanding And Loving

Maybe not all adoptees have emotional hang-ups that manifest into loneliness and behavioral problems. Unfortunately, a number of us have to live with the pain.

by Nymfa Aranas

Countries With Easiest Adoption

Adoption, Foster Care: Exploring Which Countries Have The Easiest Adoption Procedures

Countries have different adoption procedures but here's a selection of places where adoption is easier.

by Amanda Moore

Fostermom Fills In Biological Mom's Role For 19 Years; Receives Priceless Surprise Gift From Daughters On Her Birthday

Stepmom Fills In Biological Mom's Role For 19 Years; Receives Priceless Surprise Gift From Daughters On Her Birthday

Sisters Emily and Christina Gopear surprised their stepmom, Diana, of adoption papers ready for her to sign on her 46th birthday.

by OIivia Etienne

Alec Baldwin's Boss Baby

Alec Baldwin's 'Boss Baby' Movie Triggering Painful Memories For Adopted Or Foster Kids, Parents Who Lost Babies

"Boss Baby" is supposed to be a fun animation but some expressed it brought up painful feelings.

by Amanda Moore

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