Beyonce Formation Scholarship

Beyoncé's Formation Scholarship: 4 Female Students To Receive Free College Education; Michelle Obama Commends Beyoncé

Beyoncé launched her Formation Scholarship on Monday, April 24. She will pick four female students as beneficiaries.

by Amanda Moore

School Vouchers For Religious Subsidy

School Vouchers Subsidize Religion? Here's Why This Perception About Private Schools Is Misguided

Those opposed to school vouchers said it serves to keep private religious schools afloat, but one educator debunks the notion.

by Amanda Moore

Pregnant Student And Teen Parents In Nebraska

Pregnant Students, Teen Parents State Bill Delayed; Lawmaker Says Rural Schools Won't Benefit

Nebraska's Legislative Bill 427 mandates all school districts to help pregnant students and teen parents finish high school.

by Amanda Moore

UC Davis Student Sets Up Vending Machine Filled With Condoms & Plan B Pills

UC Davis Student Sets Up Vending Machine Filled With Condoms, Plan B Pills

Parteek Singh recognizes the need of contraceptives among college students, hence, he proposed a vending machine full of birth-control needs and some emergency medications.

by Olivia Etienne

Ann Coulter

Some UC Berkeley Students Protest Ann Coulter's Visit While Conservatives Demand Rescheduling

University of California-Berkeley students have been clashing over the visit of Ann Coulter.

by Claire Parker

Teen Suicide On

'13 Reasons Why' Banned? Schools Warn Parents Netflix Series Is Dangerous For Teens

Netflix's "13 Reasons Why" details how a teenage girl decided to commit suicide and schools said there was something wrong with the way it told the message.

by Amanda Moore

U.S. Schools Have Laundry Machines

Why More US Schools Are Installing Laundry Machines For Students' Use

Educational institutions in the United States are encouraging students to wash their clothes in school-sponsored laundry machines.

by Amanda Moore

Sleep Hours Affect School Start Times

School Start Times: Sleep Doctors Say HS Kids Avoid Accidents, Depression With Later School Time

American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) members recommend an 8:30 a.m. school start time for high schools.

by Amanda Moore

British Prime Minister Theresa May

UK General Elections: A Way To Increase Education Department's Budget?

United Kingdom will hold a general election and this means possible decrease in budget in many departments.

by Claire Parker

School Massacres In United States: Top Three Worst Killings Ranked

US School Massacres: Top Three Worst Killings Ranked

School massacres are not a new thing, as it already happened as early as 1927.

by Olivia Etienne

Betsy DeVos And Rural Charter Schools

Can Expanding Charter Schools Under Betsy DeVos Work In Rural America?

Charter schools in rural America operate differently and Betsy DeVos' ideas to expand this might not help improve the education system.

by Amanda Moore

Parents should understand the pros and cons of redshirting

Understanding The Importance Of Redshirting Preschoolers

Parents should understand the pros and cons of holding their preschoolers a year late.

by Abbie Kraft

Duarte Unified School District and VH1 Save The Music Host All-District Band Showcase

Having An African-American Teacher Can Significantly Decrease Drop Out Rates Among Black Students

Researchers reveal that having a same race teacher can keep kids in school.

by Abbie Kraft

New Mexico Lawmaker Outlaws 'Lunch-Shaming' Decades After Experiencing It First-Hand During Childhood

New Mexico Lawmaker Outlaws 'Lunch-Shaming' Decades After Experiencing It First-Hand During Childhood

Sen. Michael Padilla was made to clean the school cafeteria and he had to befriend cafeteria workers, so he could get a decent hot lunch at school. This year, no kid will experience that anymore, at least in New Mexico.

by OIivia Etienne

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel

Chicago Mayor Faces Backlash After Proposing Revised High School Graduation Requirement

Mayor Rahm Emanuel gathered negative feedback after adding a college acceptance letter as part of the HS graduation requirement.

by Abbie Kraft

New York OKs Free College Education For State Residents: 'Nation's First Accessible College Program'

New York OKs Free College Education For State Residents: 'Nation's First Accessible College Program'

New York recently rolled out the first universal college program accessible for all its residents and despite this major improvement, many critics see loopholes in state governor Andrew M. Cuomo's proposed law.

by Olivia Etienne

School Takes PS4, XBox

School Confiscates PS4, Xbox In Students' Homes To Improve Their Grades And Behavior

King Solomon Academy headmaster Max Haimendorf said they have the consent of parents to confiscate the students' PS4, Xbox, and mobile phones.

by Amanda Moore

Idaho Advanced Opportunities Program

Idaho HS Students Get $1,500 For Graduating Early In Advanced Opportunities Program

Observers describe Idaho's Advanced Opportunities Program as unique as no other state has this online system and no state rewards students for graduating early.

by Amanda Moore

Cyberbullying And Boys' Bad Behavior

How To Prevent Cyberbullying? Experts Blame 'Negligent Parenting' On Bad Online Behavior In Boys; Here's A Solution!

Psychologists see cyberbullying and negligent parenting as becoming a pandemic and to counter these trends, schools have a bigger role of teaching boys how to behave online.

by Amanda Moore

President Donald Trump

Pell Grant Reinstated By Trump Administration For Corinthian Colleges, ITT Technical Institute Students

The Pell Grant eligibility is back courtesy of the Trump administration.

by Claire Parker

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Vows Big Budget For Education Weeks After Proposing Cuts

President Donald Trump said in a recent statement he will have big budgets for education.

by Claire Parker

Prince George School Teaches Ballet

Prince George's New School To Teach Royal Toddler Ballet? Everything To Know About Thomas's Battersea

Prince George will begin classes in lower school at Thomas's Battersea in London in September.

by Amanda Moore

Caitlin Nelson

Pancake Eating Contest Turns Deadly After Female Student Chokes And Dies Days Later

A student from Connecticut died of choking after taking part of a pancake-eating contest.

by Claire Parker

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