What Sets Off Asthma: 5 Not So Common Asthma Triggers

By Mark Oliver Rondobio, Parent Herald March 13, 04:30 am

When asthma strikes, it can be very scary especially when it gets harder and harder to breath every second. Your lung airways may swell because of some inhaled allergens causing you to feel like catching your breath every time.

People with asthma knows what can trigger their asthma attack but a big percentage of these people don't really know their own asthma triggers. According to Asthma UK, people who have asthma have their own different triggers. Some people gets asthma attacks because of common known triggers like dust, cat, or smoke and some are getting attacks with uncommon triggers like windy cold weather.

It would be hard to manage your asthma condition if you don't know what causes your asthma attacks. Here are less likely known triggers of asthma that happens to be your own too.

1.      Thunderstorm with gusty winds.

Everyday Health page explained that during thunderstorms, pollen grains from flowers are ruptured and spread in the air because of strong winds. These are airborne inhaled allergens that can cause asthma attacks.

2.      Intense Emotions

It is less likely known that intense laughter and stress, intense sadness are triggers of asthma. Expressing intense emotion can cause hyperventilation and can cause asthma attack.

3.      Acid reflux that causes Heartburn

The known cause of heartburn is the acid reflux or backwashing of acid from your stomach going to your esophagus. The stomach acid that goes in your throat can also cause a reaction in your airways and can lead to asthma attacks.

4.      Food triggers

Here are some foods that can trigger asthma attack: Peanuts, Dairy products like cow's milk, soy, fish, wheat, eggs, shellfish, and tree nuts. If you are allergic to one of these foods, your airways can swell and causes difficulty in breathing.

5.      Traffic on the road

This may not directly explain why by just reading the word traffic but as we all know, when there is traffic, there is car smoke. Smoke belched from cars are already considered air pollutants. There are a lot of commuters who are experiencing asthma attacks during slow crawling traffics so always have your inhaler ready.

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