Pet Cat Tips: How To Know If Your Cat Is Right-Handed or Left-Handed

By Dianne Francisco, Parent Herald March 22, 09:02 am

A Japanese YouTube channel is going viral because of its video, which shows how one could know if their pet cat is right-handed or left-handed. Since they are cats, we probably should use right-pawed or left-pawed.

In an article published by Hello Giggles, the publication featured this YouTube channel owned by Japanese YouTuber Mugumogu that has a lot of videos of their super cute pet cats, namely, Maru and Hana. They have one video that is gaining a lot of hits these days because it shows how cat owners could determine if their pet is a lefty or a righty.

The steps are easy and so are the materials that you need to find. All you are required to have is an empty glass and a little cat food to put in it.

The first paw that your cat will use to reach out for the food inside the empty glass would determine what is your pet's dominant hand. Although they could be ambidextrous, which means they could use both of their paws - they still could have that one dominant hand that they find more comfortable of using all the time.

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The Daily Mail also featured how cat owners could learn which one of their cat's paw is the dominant one. It is true that learning about whether your cat is a lefty or a righty won't really do any extra wonder with their abilities, but it would surely satisfy your curiosity as a pet owner.

Moreover, it is interesting to note that according to a study back in 1991 at the Ataturk University in Turkey, 50 percent of cats were found out to be righties, 40 percent were lefties and the remaining 10% were said to be ambidextrous. When it comes to dogs, a study in 2006 said that 50 percent of them are left-handed while the other 50 percent are right-handed.

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