Rare Pregnancy: Mother Required Anal Sex To Get Pregnant

By Zee Mara, Parent Herald May 16, 05:40 am

A rare pregnancy case required the mother-to-be to engage in anal sex to become pregnant. Although largely unheard of, this pregnancy case is standing proof that anal sex may become an option as a means of getting pregnant.

Anal sex is still a largely debated topic with concerns that regular penetration of the anus causes a slack in the opening eventually resulting in incontinence. Reuters reports that a U.S. health survey indicated that 50 percent of women who engaged in anal sex experienced monthly fecal incontinence while men experienced this three times more than women.

The Daily Mail, however, says that a patient of New Jersey urologist Dr. Brian Steixner had to resort to anal sex as a necessity for pregnancy. The woman had cloacal malformation, so that her rectum, urethra and vagina remained unseparated while she developed in her mother's womb.

Because of cloacal malformation, the woman's urine and feces used the same passageway to go into the perineum for excretion. Cloacal malformation is a rare condition and occurs only in one out of 50,000 births. Cloacal malformation has no other cure except for corrective surgery.

The cloacal malformation patient, who came under Dr. Brian Steixner's care underwent this surgery. However, the surgery went wrong. The cloacal malformation patient's womb and rectum instead became attached. The Sun reports that from then on, the woman menstruated through the anus. No menses came through the vagina at all.

This led to the supposition that the woman could only get pregnant through anal sex. The woman finally did get pregnant and was given a few tests to verify that the pregnancy resulted from anal sex.

The woman had to go through C-section surgery as doctors perceived natural birthing through the anus to be risky. The woman never returned for any other treatment and the doctors assumed that the woman continued relatively normally in life.

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