Summer Camp 2016: Children Learn Coding In These Summer Camps

By Elizabeth Anderson, Parent Herald June 22, 06:00 am

There are various summer camps all over the country that parents can choose to enroll their children in. Besides the usual sports camps or art camps or survival camps, there are summer camps dedicated to introducing the world of coding to children.

One such coding summer camp can be found in Tulsa, Oklahoma. News on 6 reported that Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance is holding a coding camp for girls. Camp organizer Tatiana Rozzell said that through this coding summer camp, she hopes to open up coding to girls as most coders are male.

More Coding Jobs Coming Up

Buffalo News reported that there will be an estimated 2.4 million openings in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) jobs by 2020 and half of these jobs include the use of computers and coding. Despite this, only 18 percent of computer science students in universities are female and only 29 percent of employees at large technological firms are female.

The report added that just like in Oklahoma, girls living in Buffalo and Niagara Falls will get to participate in a summer camp for coding to give them greater opportunity as possible future coders. The coding summer camp, called "It's Your World! Develop It!" is organized by the New York STEM Hub, SUNY Buffalo State and the Girl Scouts of Western New York and sponsored by AT&T.

Coding And Robotics For Children

Another summer camp, this time open to both boys and girls, will teach children coding and have them apply the coding skills they learned on robots. This camp, which will be held in Philadelphia is called the LocoSummer Robotics and Digital Literacy Summer Enrichment Camp.

LocoRobo is offering to teach the children with the company's robotics platform. "Students will use the LocoRobo Academy coding platform to program LocoXtreme, LocoArm and LocoDrone robots," LocoRobo was quoted by as saying.

Are you considering enrolling your kids to a coding camp for a change this summer? Write your comments below.

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