Fujitsu Sells Its PC Division To Lenovo

By Hasan Tariq, Parent Herald October 10, 04:24 pm

Fujitsu has recently been planning on handing over its PC division and operations to the rapidly emerging computer and electronics giant, Lenovo.

The division was separated from Fujitsu and formed its own independent enterprise. According to Japanese media, it is now to be sold to Lenovo. The division reported losses of EUR 86.15 million in the past financial year.

Fujitsu is negotiating with Lenovo on the sale of its PC division. This is what the  Nikkei Asian Review reported today. According to the paper, the Japanese company wants to focus on the areas that are more important in its view. An agreement could be expected this month.

It is possible that Fujitsu transfers the areas of PC design, development and production to a Lenovo-led joint venture. Lenovo could also take over a majority share in Fujitsu's PC division. In that case probably also about 2000 employees from Fujitsu to Lenovo change.

At the end of March, Fujitsu sold four million PCs worldwide. The company is still doing business well in Japan. It is second only to the NEC Lenovo Japan Group, a joint-venture between NEC and Lenovo, which was founded in 2011.

In Germany, however, it has been focusing on business PCs for years. However, the company always adhered to the production in Augsburg despite the difficult times. In addition to PCs, servers and storage systems are also being produced there.

Fujitsu's PC division reported a loss of 86.15 million euros in the last financial year. This also contributed to the fact that PC sales in Japan fell within a few years from 15 million units to around ten million units last year. As Fujitsu considers growth to be unlikely, the company had already separated its PC division into an independent company in February.

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