Kim Kardashian Paris Attack, Hotel Concierge Gives More Details

By Paulene Seymour, Parent Herald October 19, 07:42 am

Due to the excessive trauma of being bound, gagged, and attacked at gunpoint in her Paris apartment last Oct. 3 at 2:30 in the morning, celebrity mom Kim Kardashian has now adopted a more private lifestyle. Despite that, new harrowing details emerged from the Paris hotel concierge regarding the incident during Paris Fashion Week.

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Around $8.5 million worth of items in the apartment was taken away by the robbers at the Hotel de Pourtales. The Paris concierge Abdulrahman also suffered from trauma and only broke his silence to The Mail about the incident of Kim Kardashian's attack this week. The robbers threatened him and badgered to get information about the CCTV and weapons of the guards who were on duty.

An Algerian native, the hotel concierge recalls that he warned the hotel about security risks even years before Kim Kardashian's decision to stay there for Paris Fashion Week. According to him, the big door was unlocked and there was no actual security. The 39-year-old guard has an exemplary record at work and is finishing his doctorate at the Sorbonne University.

Kim Kardashian was tied, held at gunpoint, and gagged by the attackers. She begged for her life. The highly viral and followed social media superstar refuses to talk to people and is taking a break, according to an update given by her assistant Steph Shep. "Keeks is taking some much needed time off," Shep scrawled in a handwritten note on Kardashian's official website.

Family members have also expressed concern over Kim Kardashian's current state. Kris Jenner describes the recovery from the ordeal as a process. Kim moved back to Jenner's place in Los Angeles since husband Kanye West is still on tour. West regularly flies back and forth to see his wife and 2 kids North and Saint.

Prior to this grotesque turn of events, Kim Kardashian was a social media darling who easily makes viral posts on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. She is known for posting photos that spark controversies and discussions on the Internet. Recently, she was also embroiled in a word war with Taylor Swift.

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