This Mother Almost Had Her Baby Kidnapped By A Stranger In A Supermarket And Was Caught On Tape [Video]

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald October 19, 08:50 am

A mother from Texas almost lost her baby to a strange man while she was in a supermarket doing her usual grocery shopping. The stranger tried to take her baby from a grocery shopping cart on October 15. The incident was all caught on the store's CCTV camera.

In a report made by CBS News, Florence Monauer had an awkward encounter with a complete stranger who just picked up her baby who she placed in a grocery cart. She was trying to finish her shopping, and it was while when she wasn't looking at her child that the man suddenly approached her child and picked him up.

KHOU also got a hold of this story saying that Monauer happens to be a lawyer and knows that what happened to her child was attempted kidnapping. The moment the strange man picked her up baby up without her permission, especially while she was not paying attention is already considered as a ground for attempted kidnapping.

This mother from Texas said in her police report that the stranger didn't even bother talking to her at all and just deliberately picked up her baby. She also heard the man said to her baby that he wanted to take him when his mother is not looking.

Monauer was quick to notice the man who tried to take her child and as soon as he saw her picked the baby up from the cart, he handed the baby immediately. The 33-year-old mother still gave the stranger the benefit of the doubt. But upon contemplating what exactly happened, she came to the conclusion that he was indeed trying to kidnap her child and it made her deeply upset.

What would you do if this happens to your baby? Would you also file a police report? Tell us what you think in the comments box below.

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