Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Divorce: 'Justice League' Star Reunites With Ex Jennifer Lopez?; Affleck's Mom Doesn't Want A Divorce?

By Mike Mitchell, Parent Herald October 24, 03:00 pm

For those following Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's love story a.k.a Bennifer, many thought that the pair will find forever in each other. Unfortunately, to the surprise of many, Ben Affleck broke up with JLo. However, reports have it that the "Batman" star is reuniting with his ex and is pursuing a divorce with Jennifer Garner.

Well, it seems that Ben Affleck has an inclination to women named Jennifer. Aside from his ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez and ex-wife Jennifer Garner, there are also rumors linking Ben Affleck with Jennifer Lawrence.

No matter how many Jennifers Ben Affleck encounters in his life, it seems that he is bound to continue his romance with JLo. According to Headlines & Global News Jennifer Garner's estranged husband is rekindling his romance with Jennifer Lopez. In fact, the "Justice League" star has been allegedly cheating on his wife with JLo.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have announced their amicable split over a year ago but the couple has not filed for divorce yet. Per the report, Ben Affleck's mom is trying to reconcile the couple.

Unfortunately, instead of being happy, Jennifer Garner is not pleased with her mother-in-law Christine Boldt for getting involved in her split with Ben Affleck. Per the report, Christine Boldt doesn't want Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner to get a divorce.

This made Jennifer Garner unhappy because she is put in a situation that she's no longer happy. To make matter worse, reports are rife that Ben Affleck has been cheating on her with Jennifer Lopez. For Bennifer fans, JLo and Ben Affleck are reportedly trying their luck again to the road to forever together.

JLo and Ben Affleck are reportedly dating. The rumored couple is even spotted partying in Montana during Ben Affleck's birthday. When this report reached Jennifer Garner, the "Miracles from Heaven" star was furious.

Do you believe that there are still chances for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez to reconcile? Are you still rooting for the original Bennifer or do you prefer the Bennifer 2.0? When will Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner file for divorce? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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