Democrats VS. Republicans: House Democrats Rehang Missouri Student’s Controversial Police Violence Painting After GOP’s Removal Last Week

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald January 11, 04:00 am

A controversial police violence painting from a Missouri student was hung once again in a gallery at the Capitol by the Democrats. It came after Republicans took it down last week.

The painting showed how the police officials were depicted as animals with horns wearing police uniforms and using force to apprehend African-Americans. This came on the heels of many civil unrests after black men and teenagers were killed by the authorities during arrests. The painting won the annual congressional art competition.

Republican lawmaker Duncan Hunter took the painting down last Friday, noting the law enforcement was depicted as pigs and he finds it offensive, USA Today reported. But Democrat lawmaker, William Lacy Clay, hung it once again on Tuesday. 

Clay was accompanied by other African-American lawmakers noting that it is not about the art competition but it is about defending the Constitution. Clay said Hunter's statement is pathetic, adding, "I do not agree or disagree with this painting, but I will fight to defend this young man's right. His artwork is true for him."

According to reports, the painting was taken down once again by another Republican lawmaker and Clay went to put it back up again. It was unclear if the painting will remain in the gallery after the Republicans said they will ask the Architect of the Capitol to permanently remove the painting.

Clay said he was open to the review and the process. But he also stressed that he does not want individual members taking matters into their own hands, Washington Post reported.

Meanwhile, David Pulphus, the student who made the controversial painting, is from the district of Clay. The other paintings that won, on the other hand, were from a student in Georgia and another in Arizona.

Georgia student's painting showed two white police officers harassing a person of color who was just playing checkers, which is from a student in Georgia. As for Arizona student, the painting was a portrait of the Vermont senator Bernie Sanders.

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