6 Signs Your Dog Is Stressed

By Diane Ting, Parent Herald March 14, 07:47 am

Stress is more common in dogs than most people think as stress can negatively impact a dog's health. Here are common ways of how your furry friend might be showing signs of stress.

Dogs can experience stress by moving to a new house, going on a holiday, having parties at home, loud noises or even fireworks. Dogs display signs of stress depending on the dog and the stressful situation, which makes it important to spot it as it happens.

1.     Excessive shedding

While all dogs seem to shed fur, too much hair may be a sign of being stressed. Many pet owners would notice excessive shedding during visits to the veterinarian's office especially when being taken to the exam room.

2.     Excessive panting

Dogs generally pant to cool themselves down after exercising or when experiencing a hot day. But when your furry friend is panting for no reason, this can be a sign of stress especially when their ears are pinned back and low.

3.     Digestive issues

Although digestive problems are commonly attributed to food intolerance, digestive issues such as constipation or diarrhea may be brought about by stress or anxiety. If the digestive problems continue for more than 24 hours, this might indicate foodborne illness, which should be taken to the veterinarian immediately.

4.     Lack of appetite

Dogs love food and would want to eat every chance they get. A sudden loss of interest in food or not eating altogether could be due to stress or an underlying health condition, according to Pet MD.

5.     Constant avoidance and isolation

While some dogs prefer to have some alone time, a dog constantly avoiding or isolating himself from people or other pets may be suffering from stress or anxiety. A tucked tail, avoiding eye contact or turning away are signs that your dog may be uncomfortable. This means that your dog may be avoiding a situation that makes him anxious, according to She Knows.

6.     Aggressive towards people or other animals

Being aggressive towards other animals or people may be a sign of a stressed or sick dog. When the aggressiveness is accompanied by fearful body language and facial expressions, this may mean that the dog is stressed but does not know how to manage the stress properly.

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