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Australia Celebrates Baby Boom

Pregnancy  4 April '16

Depression During Pregnancy Causes, Symptoms And Risks

Depression during pregnancy is typically caused by a sudden increase in hormone levels leading to mood swings, difficulty focusing, disoriented eating and panic attacks.

FDA Announces Stricter Guidelines For Sun Screens

Health/Nutrition  4 April '16

Melanoma Skin Cancer: Warning Signs And Risks Factors

Moles are one of the earliest warning signs of skin cancer while people who love tanning pose a higher risk of getting melanoma.

Friendless Child

Toddler  4 April '16

5 Ways To Teach Kids How To Share

Some ways to teach kids how to share include leading by example, boosting their self-esteem and not forcing them to share at times.

Autistic Child

SPED Kids  4 April '16

Autism Awareness Month: Autism Rates Unchanged But Many Racial And Ethnic Groups Remain Undiagnosed

The prevalence of autism remain the same since two years ago but disparity has been noticed among racial and ethnic groups.

'La Grande Telee' in public: gathering the women giving the breast to their babies at the same time to promote for breastfeeding In Nantes, France On October 14, 2007-

Pregnancy  4 April '16

Breastfeeding May Help Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risk In Women

Breastfeeding may cut mother's risk of type 2 diabetes by half largely due insulin production and metabolism after giving birth.

Consultation Senior Dialog

Health/Nutrition  2 April '16

5 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

The early warning signs of breast cancer include lumps in breasts, changes in breast skin and nipples, pain and enlarged lymph nodes.

Mother Washing Dishes, Daughter Drying Them

Toddler  2 April '16

5 Ways To Teach Kids To Do Chores

Some ways to teach kids to do chores include picking simple and age-appropriate tasks, instilling a routine and avoiding turning chores into a punishment.

Mother cleaning nose of her child using a white handkerchief...

Health/Nutrition  2 April '16

Spring Allergy Season Worsens; How To Prepare Kids

Spring allergy season is expected to worsen due to climate change so preparing kids for the symptoms is a must.

GERMANY, BONN, Carrot (Daucus carota Lat,), carrots from the Netherlands, [digital medium format photography]...

Health/Nutrition  2 April '16

Drinking Carrot Juice Helps Relieve Asthma Attacks

Carrot juice can help people suffering from asthma attacks by getting rid of mucus from the lungs and bronchial tubes.

Berlin Inaugurates Gender-Neutral Toilets

Teens/Young Adults  2 April '16

Bathroom Law In North Carolina May Do More Harm Than Good

The new North Carolina bathroom is forcing transgender people to use public bathrooms based on their biological sex despite its negative implications.

Digestive SysTEM Illustration

Health/Nutrition  30 March '16

5 Warning Signs of Pancreatic Cancer

The early warning signs of pancreatic cancer include jaundice, diabetes, unexplained weight loss and digestive problems.

NYU Women's Clinic Uterus Check

Health/Nutrition  30 March '16

First Uterus Transplant Attempt In The US. Fails

The first uterus transplant attempted in the U.S. has failed due to complications that forced the removal of the transplanted organ.

GERMANY, COTTBUS, Interior view of the library of the University Cottbus, Student with notebook and textbooks.

Family Life  30 March '16

Distance Education Allows Students An Alternative Means Of Education

Distance education programs allow students more flexibility in learning unlike conventional education programs on campus.

7 year old boy counting his money using a calculator at home in kitchen, UK

Parenting  30 March '16

5 Ways To Teach Kids About The Value Of Money

A few ways to teach kids about the value of money is by teaching the difference between want and need, making them work for money and allowing them to commit money mistakes.

Aerobics Woman

Health/Nutrition  30 March '16

5 Natural Ways To Flatten The Belly

Some ways to flatten the belly include doing cardio exercises, drinking more water, getting more sleep and eating food high in fiber, whole grains and probiotics.

Seaside Tantrum

Toddler  28 March '16

5 Ways To Teach Kids About Generosity

Teaching kids about generosity starts by explaining the needs and wants of others, teaching the value of money and encouraging them to volunteer.

Gynecology Consultation

Health/Nutrition  28 March '16

7 Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

The warning signs of ovarian cancer include lower back pain, abdominal bloating, painful intercourse and changes in urination.

Lymph Node, Mature Adult

Health/Nutrition  28 March '16

5 Ways To Detoxify The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system's major role is to get rid of toxins in the body which are why helping it detoxify can encourage it to work at its best.

Marty, 9, boy afflicted w. attention def

Health/Nutrition  28 March '16

Behavioral Disorders Causes, Signs And Symptoms

Behavioral disorders can be caused by several contributing factors as the signs and symptoms of behavioral disorders are mostly displayed emotionally.

Opponents of Common Core educational standards were at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver to voice their opposition to the program

News  28 March '16

How To Prepare Teachers For The Common Core State Standards

The Common Core State Standards are designed to set learning expectations for each student but not every teacher may agree to the new rules being implemented.

Exercising while pregnant

Pregnancy  25 March '16

7 Ways To A Safe Workout While Pregnant

Working out while pregnant is completely safe when it is followed by some of these guidelines such as drinking plenty of water and stretching before the routine.

Teaching spirituality to kids

Toddler  25 March '16

5 Ways On How To Raise A Spiritual Child

Here are tips on how to raise a child with deep spirituality such as telling stories, teaching gratitude and contributing to society.

Medical Marijuana Bill

Health/Nutrition  25 March '16

New Marijuana Drug Reduces Seizures By 39% According To Study; Shares Of Drug Soars

A new marijuana-derived drug called Epidiolex is known to reduce epileptic seizures by 39 percent which made its company manufacturer double its shares.

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