Bradley Cooper Is A Dad

Bradley Cooper As A First-Time Dad Is 'Good With A Baby' Says Pal Ellen DeGeneres [VIDEO]

Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Irina Shayk welcomed daughter Lea de Seine sometime in March.

by Amanda Moore

Jimmy Kimmel Opens Up About His Son's Condition

Jimmy Kimmel Sheds Light On Infants Born With Birth Defect In Terms Of Health Care Coverage

Jimmy Kimmel speaks up for thousands of parents with children having birth defects.

by Abbie Kraft

Actress Liv Tyler Talks About Dads

Mom Liv Tyler Talks About Dads: Fathers Are Important For Children's Self-Esteem

Liv Tyler knows a lot about dads as she grew up with two fathers who doted on her and her eldest has two dads as well.

by Amanda Moore

Man In Prison Willing To Donate Sperm

Should Prisoners Be Allowed To Give Sperm? Lawmakers Debate Why Murderers Cannot Be Fathers

Karl Teangiotau Nuku, a man serving a prison sentence for murder, filed a petition in Parliament asking if he can donate sperm.

by Amanda Moore

Matt Bomer On How He Told Parents He's Gay

Matt Bomer Says His Parents Went 'Radio Silence' On Him 6 Months After Coming Out Gay

Matt Bomer also talks about his sons, Walker, Henry and Kit, with husband Simon Halls.

by Amanda Moore

Babies Born with Fathers Under 25 and over 50 are at risk of autism.

Babies Born With Fathers Younger Than 25 And Older Than 50 Are At Risk Of Autism

Research revealed that men are designed with biological clocks too.

by Abbie Kraft

How To Stop Newborn From Crying? Dad Does One Sound And It Works Like Magic In Seconds

How To Stop Newborn From Crying? Dad Does One Sound And It Works Like Magic In Seconds

Daniel Eisenman advised parents to do the om sound to calm newborns, and science already proved this as effective because the vibrating sound calms the nervous system.

by Olivia Etienne

Jimmy Kimmel's Son Has A Heart Condition

Dad Jimmy Kimmel Tearfully Reveals His Newborn Baby Had Open-Heart Surgery

Jimmy Kimmel's newborn son, Billy, had a congenital heart disease. He will still undergo further surgeries when he's older.

by Amanda Moore

Lee Daniels Is A Foster Dad To Twins

'Empire' Creator Lee Daniels Explains Why He's A Proud Foster Parent To Twins

Lee Daniels' adopted his brother's twins when he wasn't prepared for fatherhood. Now he's proud foster parent.

by Amanda Moore

Donald Trump Jr. Honors Dad President Trump

Donald Trump, Jr. Honors Dad's First 100 Days: President Trump Is A 'Man Of Action Who Keeps His Promises'

As Donald Trump, Jr. hailed his father's accomplishments so far, President Donald Trump joined his supporters in Pennsylvania to commemorate his First 100 Days.

by Amanda Moore

George Clooney On Amal, Marriage And Fatherhood

How George Clooney's Outlook On Marriage And Children Changed After Meeting Wife Amal

From being the Most Eligible Bachelor in Hollywood, George Clooney is now an excited expecting dad who will welcome his twins with wife Amal in the summer.

by Amanda Moore

Dove's #RealDads Ad Campaign

Dove's #RealDads Campaign Honors Hands-On Fathers Who Breakdown Stereotypes

Dove's #RealDads campaign shows a growing trend among fathers who do not just contribute financially in the family.

by Amanda Moore

Bill Cosby Daughter Defends Dad

Bill Cosby's Daughter Pens Piece About Dad, Cites He's 'Not Abusive, Violent Or A Rapist'

Evin Cosby, Bill Cosby's youngest daughter, defends her dad's honor in an essay. Cosby's sexual assault trial begins June 5.

by Amanda Moore

Ben Affleck On His Kids As Child Actors

Ben Affleck Nixes Acting For His Kids Until After They're 18: 'I Think It's A Hard Thing'

Ben Affleck hopes his kids Violet, Seraphina and Samuel won't consider Hollywood until after they turn 18-years-old.

by Amanda Moore

Ernst & Young Offers Full Parental Leave Benefits

Paternity Leave In The US: 38 Percent Of Ernst & Young Dads Enjoying Parental Leave Benefits

Ernst & Young puts value in families as employees enjoy full parental leave benefits for 16 weeks.

by Amanda Moore

Channing Tatum At 'Magic Mike Live' In Las Vegas

Channing Tatum, 'Magic Mike Live': Actor Says His 3-Year-Old Daughter Saw Las Vegas Stripper Show

Channing Tatum's 3-year-old daughter, Everly, witnessed men performing for the "Magic Mike Live" rehearsals in Las Vegas.

by Amanda Moore

Michael Phelps Talks Fatherhood

Michael Phelps: On Fatherhood, Teaching His Son Water Safety And His Comeback

After receiving multiple medals during the last Olympics, Michael Phelps is enjoying retirement with his 11-month-old son Boomer. Will he return to compete in swimming?

by Amanda Moore

BBC Dad's Family Gets Own Show Stirred From The Viral TV Gaffe

BBC Dad's Family Gets Own Show Stirred From The Viral TV Gaffe

Prof. Robert Kelly, his wife and children will be featured in "The Adventures of Mina & Jack," an animated show inspired by the viral BBC interview weeks ago.

by Olivia Etienne

Bill Gates' Children Forbidden To Own Phones Until 14, Won't Inherit World's Richest Man's Fortune

Bill Gates Forbids Children To Own Phones Until 14; Kids Won't Inherit World's Richest Man's Fortune?

Billionaire Bill Gates and wife Melinda have always done the ironic thing when it comes to parenting, but their decisions were definitely no non-sense.

by Olivia Etienne

Dads Also Cry Like Moms

Dads Cry Over Their Kids Too And That's Not A Bad Thing — Here's Why

Boys don't cry? Not quite. More and more dads today don't mind showing emotions as they cry over their kids.

by Amanda Moore

Stay-At-Home-Dad's Funny Post-it Notes

Stay-At-Home Dad's Parenting Musings Are On Post-It Notes For His Wife

The internet has fallen in love with stay-at-home dad Chris Illuminati and his Post-it Notes for his wife!

by Amanda Moore

Prince Harry Ready For Fatherhood

Prince Harry Ready For Fatherhood? Prince William's Brother Says He'll Be A Fun Dad

Prince Harry admitted he's thought about having kids before and boasted he's got a lot of practice from his godchildren.

by Amanda Moore

Kids Growing Up Fast

Dad Muses On Kids Growing Up Fast: Time Is A Gift

Every parent understands this all too well: as time passes come the realization they are growing up too fast.

by Amanda Moore

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