About Us

Parent Herald started out as a humble news site with the aim to deliver the latest, updated and relevant news to all parents out there. With a focus on child-rearing, Parent Herald has spread its reach to incorporate the latest scoops on parenting children of all ages, education, health and nutrition, pregnancy, as well as issues that can help expectant and new moms and dads.

Adding more depth to its range, Parent Herald delivers articles pertaining to celebrity parents for the interest and entertainment of the American family. In addition, the site also tackles sensitive parental and family issues, including topics for children with special needs, adoption and child abuse cases. We also give light to marriage and relationship issues.

Parent Herald is also composed of a team of professional management, editor and writers who undergo a continuum of training, communication updates and meetings to sharpen our skills and knowledge. The collaboration of our competent members aims to bring the freshest and up-to-date parenting tips, giving mothers and fathers prompt updates for their enjoyment, and more significantly, for the improvement of the quality of life parents and children experience together.

Parent Herald’s ultimate goal is to share the most comprehensive and timely pieces to our readers. This being said, we deliver the latest news 24/7 so parents all over the country can rely on Parent Herald as their aid in their remarkable journey of raising the children of today.



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