Prince & Knight

Children's Book 'Prince & Knight' Aims To Represent Kids With LGBTQ+ Parents And Their Families

'Prince & Knight' by author Daniel Haack is a book that has an LGBTQ representation. It tells the story of a prince who found his true love from a knight rather than from a beautiful maiden.

by Tanya Diente

First, The Healthy Lunches Then The Girls' Education? Michelle Obama Subtly Responds To Trump Abandoning 'Let Girls Learn' Campaign

Michelle Obama Subtly Responds To Trump Abandoning 'Let Girls Learn' Campaign

Following the news that the Trump administration would dissolve "Let Girls Learn" campaign, former First Lady Michelle Obama said that she and his husband will continue to champion girls' education.

by Olivia Etienne

Melania Trump

Melania Trump, Jordan's Queen Rania Visit All-Girls School: What These Two Women Have In Common?

Melania Trump and the Jordanian queen visited an all-girls school in Washington.

by Claire Parker

National Spelling Bee 2017

National Spelling Bee 2017: Homeschooled 5-Year-Old Girl Becomes Youngest Qualifier, Beats 50 Spellers Twice Her Age

Edith Fuller is a homeschooled student who only started training for the competition last summer.

by Amanda Moore

Lt. B.J. Gruber

Local Police Force Receives 10-Year-Old Girl's Plea For Help On Homework Via Facebook

Lena Draper got in touch with police as she was having a hard time with a math problem.

by Claire Parker

Five Strategies To Help Kids Do Better In School: The Key To Knowing What’s Best For Them

Five Strategies To Help Kids Do Better In School: The Key To Knowing What’s Best For Them

Every parent would love to have smart or gifted kids but not everyone is blessed with these kinds of children.

by Sammuel Larson

Bombings in Aleppo, Syria Affects Families

Bana Alabed Tweets Aleppo Bombings

War is not only affecting families but more importantly children. Children affected by the war in Aleppo, Syria are appealing for help.

by alexa ancheta

Harry Potter fan from Syria gets ebook from J.K. Rowling

7-Year-Old Harry Potter Fan In War-Torn Syria Gets Books From J.K. Rowling

The magic of the Harry Potter series has reached war-torn Aleppo in Syria where a seven-year old girl passes off time to forget the war by reading the wizard's adventures. Author J.K. Rowling surprises her by sending her ebooks of the series.

by alexa ancheta

Republican National Convention: Day Four

Barron Trump's School: Parents Not Happy Donald Trump's Son Will Stay At NY Private School; What About Barron's Feelings?

The president-elect's 10-year-old son attends the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, one of New York's elite institutions.

by Amanda Moore

U.S. Education Secretary John King Calls On Schools To Stop Corporal Punishment

Why Corporal Punishments In Schools Should Stop; U.S. Education Secretary John King Calls For Supportive, Effective Disciplinary Measures

Education Secretary John King speaks against corporal punishment during an interview at The White House.

by Avery McClaren

Mountain View Stabbing

Parenting: The American Way

An essential promise of America: Where you start should not determine where you end up.

by Joshua Williams

Champion Spellers Compete In Scripps National Spelling Bee

Early Childhood Education Gaining Expanse In Mississipi

The Mississippi Board of Education increased the number of early learning collaboratives, or ELCs, from 10 to 14 on Nov. 8.

by Hasan Tariq

Candle Light Vigil Held For 9-Year-Old Shot And Killed In Chicago

Parenting and Race: How Do We Talk to Kids About Race?

Parents should know that race is a very much sensitive topic, and that they should be knowledgeable enough to explain to their kids why race is so important or the proper approach when dealing with issues that concern race.

by Andy Kohler

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Kicks Off 'Curious World' Summer Tour, Inspiring Playful Learning Nationwide

Students Poor Performance In Schools. Who's To Blame?

Some reasons for poor performance are specific to the students and not related to external factors.

by Jaweria Asif

New York City Teachers Rally For More Charter Schools In New York

When Mental Health Education Isn't Taught To Kids

Experts say introducing mental health education in the classroom is the key to helping youth.

by Hasan Tariq

Homeless Family Placed In Hotel After Eviction

Parenting 101: Avoiding Homework Battles With An Elementary Student

Parents often feel it’s their job to get their kids to do well in school. Naturally, they get anxious about this responsibility

by Jaweria Asif

Teacher Surprised With $10,000 As A Knowledge Universe Early Childhood Educator Award Winner

School Age Dilemma: Why Adjusting A Child For School Can Be Tough

School marks a new chapter in a child's life. It gets really difficult to make kids feel comfortable at school around strangers

by Hasan Tariq

Dot: Watch Where You're Going! | Do's & Dots | Sprout

Closing Tech’s Gender Gap: Sprout’s ‘Dot’ From Randi Zuckerberg Encourages Young Girls To Enter Technology Industry

The kids' show "Dot" aims to encourage young girls to embrace technology and help close the gender gap in the industry. Dot and her pals rely on their gadgets to improve their journeys and experiences, but the two also use high tech such as 3D-printing and experimenting on robots and drones.

by Olivia Reese

Guildhall Librarians Receive Largest Private Collection Of Dick Whittington Treasures

Michigan Barbershop Discounts Children Customers Who Read Books With Black Role Models Aloud During Appointments

The Fuller Cut barbershop in Ypsilanti, Michigan provides a $2 discount to kids who read aloud to their barbers during haircut appointments. The 75 to 100 diverse books offered by the barbershop all feature African-American role models ranging from athletes and astronauts to writers.

by Olivia Reese

Racism Revealed In Travelling Communities

Reinvented Friendship Bracelet Jewelbots Teaches Children How To Code

A reinvented friendship bracelet called Jewelbots teaches kids how to code. Girls and boys who use the Jewelbot device can send secret messages to each other by using lights and vibrations, which is akin to communicating Morse code-style.

by Olivia Reese

Louisiana 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina

Lead Exposure Blamed For Gaps In Test Scores Between Children? Reading & Math Performance Affected

A new study found that preschoolers exposed even to low lead levels have low scores in reading and math tests. This could explain the existing gaps in test scores between children from various socioeconomic groups.

by Olivia Reese

UNITAS 2nd Annual Gala Against Human Trafficking - Inside

School Punishment Goes Overboard: Family Lodges Lawsuit As 7-Year-Old Boy Was Handcuffed For Crying

The incident happened in 2014 but the family is filing a lawsuit now as the boy has been traumatized. As a result, he has been homeschooled in the last two years.

by Amanda Moore

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