Measles Cases In Minnesota's Somali Community Increase After False Information Dissemination From Anti-Vaccine Groups

A Somali community in Minnesota is now suffering an increased number of measles cases after anti-vaccine groups disseminated information regarding vaccines causing autism.

by Claire Parker

Sister kickstarts fundraising effort for toddler sibling with childhood Alzheimer's

Toddler Battling Rare Disease Like Alzheimer's Receives Experimental Treatment

Marian McGlocklin, 19 months, has Neimann-Pick Type C (NPC), a rare disorder that's also known as childhood Alzheimer's.

by Amanda Moore

4-Year-Old With Cancer Miraculously Wakes Up From Coma To Say 'I Love You' To Mom

4-Year-Old With Cancer Miraculously Wakes Up From Coma To Say 'I Love You' To Mom

Nolan Scully, more popularly known in social media as NolanStrong, held to his dying breath to happily say his words of love to his mom.

by OIivia Etienne

Childhood Obesity In Preschool Kids

Childhood Obesity Becoming A Crisis, Hospital Has Long List Of Preschool Kids Needing Intervention

Australia is experiencing a crisis in childhood obesity and health experts want the government to take action as soon as possible.

by Amanda Moore

Daycare Stress In Children

Toddlers, Babies Spending Long Hours In Daycare Could Be Stressed, Study Says

Working parents send their kids to daycare for practical reasons but researchers have new evidence this could be taking a toll on them.

by Amanda Moore

Holiday DUI Checkpoints Yield Hundreds Of Arrests In Northern California

Dad Arrested For Allegedly Burning 2-Year-Old Son, Police Pursues Case After Family Member Brought Child To Hospital

Michael Shamel Davis, 27, has been charged with risk of injury to a minor.

by Claire Parker

Johnson And Johnson Recalls Children's Cold Medicines

Kids Cold Medicine Not Good For Toddlers, Here's What Experts Recommend Parents Must Do

This is a must-read for parents, especially at this time when the cold season is active.

by Amanda Moore

The UK Reacts To Trump's Muslim Travel Ban

Donald Trump Muslim Ban Separates Ailing Toddler Getting Medical Care In US From Parents

The dad had to go back to Iraq because his wife gave birth to their second child, whom they named Trump.

by Amanda Moore

Parents Call For Childcare Subsidies

Chemical Burns, Eye Injuries In Toddlers On The Rise Due To Laundry Pods, Experts Caution Parents

Liquid detergent packets must be kept out of reach from children at all times to avoid injuries.

by Amanda Moore

Last Trip Home: Family Mourns Soldier Killed In Friendly Fire Incident In Afghanistan

Utah Moms Form Solid Friendship Under Unusual Circumstance: Their 4-Year-Old Girls Have Same Type Of Cancer

They acknowledge the challenges they face but knowing another family is hurdling through the same thing has helped them cope.

by Amanda Moore

Marcelo Burlon x Tyga Capsule Collection - Party

Rapper Tyga Buys 4-Year-Old Son Grills, Gets Slammed For Bad Parenting

People are concerned that Tyga would be damaging his son's teeth for the sake of style and vanity.

by Amanda Moore

Mom Horrified By Green Mold in Juice Bottle From Gregg

UK Mom Frightened After Finding Green Mold In Greggs Juice Bottle

There are reasons why moms are discouraged from giving bottled fruit juices to their children. This contaminated bottle juice from Gregg is just one of these reasons.

by alexa ancheta

Fun Tips For Fuzzy Eaters

Toddler Food Hacks: Effective Ways To Feed A Fuzzy Eater

Read on and learn a few tips on how to feed a fuzzy toddler.

by Abbie Kraft

Parents Call For Childcare Subsidies

Toddler Is Spared From Sepsis After His Mom Found Out Early Symptoms Of It

Know the symptoms of sepsis just like what this mother did that has saver her son.

by Loisse Malfoy

Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia

Toddler Best Friends Have The Same Rare Disease, Their Families Search For A Cure Together

Molly Duffy and Robbie Edwards families have set up a site to help raise awareness and support studies and researches about the children's condition.

by Amanda Moore

Berlin Hit By Measles Outbreak

A Sensible Guide For Parents With Children When Common Illnesses Strike

Kids usually come down with common illnesses like colds, cough and rashes, among others. How do parents know when it is ok to go on with plans, to stay home and avoid transmission, when it is time to see the doctor or if it is an emergency situation?

by Cheryl Ruth Santos

Health News: Staying Up Late Causes More Damage To Children’s Brains Than Those of Adults

Health News: Staying Up Late Causes More Damage To Children’s Brains Than Those of Adults

Does staying up late cause severe damage to children's developing brain?

by Minnow Blythe

4-Year Old Boy Diagnosed With Fatal Child Alzheimer's

4-Year-Old Boy Diagnosed With Fatal Child Alzheimer's

On May 11, 2016, little Carter Sarkar of California was diagnosed with a fatal "Child Alzheimer's" disease, otherwise known as Sanfilippo Syndrome.

by Avery McClaren

London 2012 - Shopping - Twinings On The Strand

The Most Amazing Simple Cures And Relief For Kids’ Stomach Pain In The World

Parents tend to worry when their kids don't know how to articulate their feelings, especially when they are in pain. Tummy aches are common in children. Find out these simple yet amazing remedies to cure children's discomfort.

by Cheryl Ruth Santos

Day-care owner hangs toddler and goes on a rampage

Day-care owner hangs toddler then goes on a rampage

Police and residents of Minneapolis got rattled when a disturbed day-care owner hanged a toddler and the went on a rampage all over Minneapolis.

by lovely carillo

Years Of Economic Decline Leave One Third Of Atlantic City's Resident In Poverty

Skipping Breakfast And Sleep: May Lead To Childhood Obesity

Study challenges view that soaring obesity rates among children are caused solely by eating too much.

by Hasan Tariq

Nautica Malibu Triathlon Presented By Equinox

Victims Of Bullying In Childhood Have A Great Effect In The Future

Researchers find a possible link between childhood bullying and weight gain in adult years.

by Hasan Tariq

Children Head Back To School In Chicago

What Are The Effects Of Stress For Children's Health

A stressful childhood might predispose some people to struggle with high blood pressure as adults.

by Hasan Tariq

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