Calming Dog Breeds: 7 Best Dogs For Reducing Anxiety And Stress

By Daniel, Parent Herald March 22, 06:40 am

A pet dog is great for companionship, teaching responsibility to kids and to have someone guard the house. Many people also enjoy having dogs at home because they find these animals therapeutic, especially after a hard day's work.

Dogs Online shared the best dogs for reducing anxiety and stress. These dogs can help brighten up your mood and make your home a happier environment.

1. Boxer

A boxer is one of the best dogs for reducing anxiety and stress. Boxers are known for being kind and understanding dogs that can sense when their owner is sad and lonely.

2. Newfoundland

A Newfoundland is also a great dog for reducing anxiety because it enjoys calm and relaxing locations such as lakes, beaches, ponds and rivers. Newfoundland dogs are calm and peaceful pets that love cuddling with their owners.

3. Great Dane

This dog breed is famous for its enormous size and calm temperament. "Although intimidating in size, this dog breed is as gentle as a little rabbit," Dogs Online shares. "The Great Dane also loves to play, is very affectionate, and extremely trustworthy."

4. Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire terrier is a small and affectionate dog. Their energy and cheerful demeanor are also perfect whenever you are feeling sad and down. Because of its small size, you can bring your Yorkshire Terrier to a lot of places to keep you happy and upbeat.

5. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is one of the best dogs for reducing anxiety and stress. "They are happiest when they're at your side," Pet Helpful explains. "Most Labs have lap-dog syndrome and are totally unaware of their size when it gets to be quiet time. They will happily crowd the bed if you let them, and will try to sit as close to you as possible on the sofa, if not on top of you."

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