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Mother & daughter arguing UK

Parenting  7 April '16

Why Parents Should Stop Playing Favorites: 3 Dangerous Effects Of Favoritism Among Siblings

Find out how favoritism can negatively affect your children.

Stock Photography. A young couple in casual dress sitting in the park, the woman appears upset and has back turned on the man.

Family Life  6 April '16

Divorce Rates Analysis: How Likely Divorce Is Based On Age, Education And Employment

Discover how different factors affect the likehood of getting divorced.

Hands Off Safe Schools Rally

School  6 April '16

School Bullying: Parents Frustrated With How Schools Are Handling Bullying Incidents

Find out the difficulties and frustration experienced by parents of bullied children.

New York City Hosts First Annual Disability Pride Parade

SPED Kids  6 April '16

Student Assessment: Department Of Education's Proposals For The Benefit Of Students With Disabilities

Find out how the Department of Education is trying to improve the assessment of students with disabilities.

President Obama Pardons National Thanksgiving Turkey

Parenting  6 April '16

How To Raise Politically Aware Children: 5 Tips For Talking To Kids About Politics

Here's how you can safely share politics with your children.

Parenting  5 April '16

Parenting Tips: 5 Things You Should Stop Saying To Kids (And What You Should Say Instead)

Here are some of the things you should stop telling your kids as soon as possible.

Bronx School Stands Out

School  5 April '16

Bilingual Education Programs Expansion: New York City Plans To Open 38 Bilingual Programs

NYC Students will have more access to dual language classes starting in September.

Apple Introduces New Products

SPED Kids  5 April '16

Short Film About Autism: Apple's Accessibility Features Can Help People With Special Needs

Discover how Apple's accessibility features can help people with disabilities.

Hugh Jackman Visits Disneyland

Parenting  5 April '16

Surprising Disneyland Giveaways: 5 Amazing Things You Can Get For Free At Disneyland

Don't forget to look for these amazing giveaways during your next Disneyland visit!

Teresa Calvario, age, 12, 7th grade student at Mesa Verde Middle School

School  5 April '16

Preparing For 7th Grade Common Core: English And Math Tips For 7th Grade Students

Here are some ways to prepare students for 7th grade Common Core.

Juan Cuenca holds 19 November 1994 his nine-year-old

SPED Kids  4 April '16

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Many Children Of Color Experience Delayed And Incorrect Autism Diagnosis

Find out how a child's race affects his chances of being diagnosed with autism.

Couple In The Supermarket

Family Life  4 April '16

Family Budget Tips: 3 Ways To Be Financially Stable

Try practicing these tips to manage your income better.

Two girls bullying a boy at school. Posed by models

School  4 April '16

Bully-Free Community: The Different Roles We Can Play To Stop School Bullying

Discover what you can do to help put an end to school bullying.


Health/Nutrition  4 April '16

How To Make Your Child Eat Veggies: 5 Tips To Get Your Kids To Eat Vegetables

Here are some ideas to help your kids eat more healthy food.

Listeria Monocytogenes

Health/Nutrition  4 April '16

Food Consumer Alert! Wylwood Broccoli Recalled Over Possible Listeria Contamination

Learn more details about this potentially hazardous contamination.

Best friends stop on their way to play in the park

School  4 April '16

School Desegregation Failure: New York's Impact On Black Students' Segregation From White Students

Find out how New York City contributed to the failure of the school desegregation movement.

Jean Bona and kindergarten kids. art teacher who started teaching high school students

School  3 April '16

Why Is Arts Education Important? Here Are 3 Benefits Of Arts Education For Students

Find out the importance of arts education for your children.


SPED Kids  3 April '16

Children With Autism At School: 3 Ways To Improve School Experience Of Students With Autism

What habits and practices can help provide a better school environment for students with autism?

A newborn baby girl

Infant  3 April '16

Side Effects Of Antibiotics: Babies Given Antibiotics Are More Prone To Obesity When Older, Study Says

Learn more details about a new study on the unintended effects of giving antibiotics to babies.

Young pregnant woman, 35 years old, feeling sick on a toilet.

Pregnancy  3 April '16

Pregnancy Good News: Morning Sickness Has Benefits For The Baby, According To Study

Find out how morning sickness can help protect the health of your baby.

Mother helping her son with his homework, UK

School Age  2 April '16

Can Homework Ever Be Fun? 3 Tips For Making Homework Time More Fun For Your Kids

Help your kids have fun while doing homework by trying out these tips.

Bullying At School

School Age  2 April '16

School Bullying: 3 Ways To Prevent Your Child From Getting Bullied At School

Learn some tips to protect your kids from school bullies.

Mother helping a 6-year-old boy with his homework

Parenting  2 April '16

How To Raise A Critical Thinker: 3 Ways To Nurture Critical Thinking In Your Kids

You can help your kids become critical thinkers by learning these tips.

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