‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Air Date & Spoilers: Is Lucifer Still Alive? Mary’s Return Affects Sam And Dean?

By Bernadette Waldorf, Parent Herald June 06, 02:11 am

"Supernatural" Season 12 will see the return of Sam and Dean Winchester following that surprising revelation from the Season 11 finale of The CW series. How will their mother's return affect them as a whole? Is Lucifer still alive?

This article contains spoilers. Read on if you want to learn more about this story.

"Supernatural" Season 12 spoilers reveal that The CW drama will undergo quite a lot of changes when it returns on TV. According to Den of Geek, the series will be spearheaded by new showrunners, Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb, who will be replacing Jeremy Carver for the upcoming season.

Aside from this, "Supernatural" Season 12 will also have a new time slot; instead of the Wednesday airing, the show will air every Thursday nights at 9 p.m. While little is known about how the aforementioned changes will affect the show in general, many fans are wondering about the possible plotlines in the upcoming season.

For instance, fans are wondering whether Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) is really alive or if Dean (Jensen Ackles) was simply dreaming. As seen in the season finale of "Supernatural," Mary suddenly appeared in her nightgown, which was the same as what she wore when she died in season 1.

Several fan theories on "Supernatural" Season 12 also emerged on Reddit where fans discuss the possibility of Dean knowing about Amara and God's existence despite their disappearance in the season finale. Fans are also wondering whether Lucifer is still alive after Amara killed him in the previous episodes.

Many fans believe that Lucifer is still alive and will definitely show up on "Supernatural" Season 12. Fans debated that the show is all about the supernatural, so there is definitely a way to bring him back to the series.

"Supernatural" Season 12 is expected to premiere in October 2016 on The CW.

Do you think Lucifer is still alive on "Supernatural" Season 12? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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