'Sons of Anarchy' Prequel News & Update: Should A Jax Teller-Centric TV Series Happen?

By Edelweiss Snow, Parent Herald July 01, 07:05 am

Will fans see the return of hot stud Charlie Hunnam in the rumored "Sons of Anarchy" prequel? Several speculations have already surfaced about Hunnam's future involvement, but the actor has kept a tight lip.

Rumors about the new Kurt Sutter project have been circulating online for quite a while now, but there has been no official confirmation whether the new "Sons of Anarchy" prequel  has been green lit for TV. As far as SAMCRO fans are concerned, the prequel they are expecting will come in a different form.

As The Hollywood Reporter claimed, the talked about prequel will be called "Redwood Originals" and it will be a comic book. This could be a nice piece to adapt for a new series later on, most especially for Charlie Hunnam fans. It has been confirmed that the comic book "Sons of Anarchy" prequel will revolve around the early life of Jax Teller.

"It's Jax prospecting to become a full club member," writer Ollie Masters said. "This is a story about him proving himself - to the club, to their enemies and allies and to himself."

"In [the TV series], the shadow of his father looms large over him and it does in our series as well, but for us it's recent history, so it's more of an open wound than a scar being pulled open," he continued. "He's still dealing with J.T's death and what it means to exist in a masculine heavy world without a father to guide him."

Meanwhile, there have been talks that Hunnam might not be coming back to reprise his "Sons of Anarchy" prequel role, as rumors suggested that he already declined the opportunity to focus on more important things. As Mobile & Apps recently speculated, Hunnam and his rumored fiancee Morgana McNelis are expecting their first child together.

Because of this new development in their lives, the actor has reportedly ditched the "Sons of Anarchy" prequel and has decided to focus on his young family for the meantime. Hunnam's reps have yet to confirm or deny rumors.

Stay tuned for more "Sons of Anarchy" prequel updates here!

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