'Pokemon Go' News & Update: Hundreds of Reported Accidents Continually Increase Affiliated with the Augmented Reality Game

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald August 30, 04:00 pm

"Pokémon Go" made history as it became one of the most downloaded app worldwide. Along with "Pokémon Go's" increasing hype, however, are the reported accidents affiliated with the augmented reality game.

After its release on July 6, "Pokémon Go" became one of the biggest augmented reality games that hit the gaming world. Though the game was proven to help patients struggling with mental health disorders and boost exercise, recent reports reveal that it is tied to hundreds of incidents as well.

Hundreds of "Pokémon Go" players filed police reports which involve assaults, thefts, robberies and even serious driving offenses as per BBC's report. In the reports that were gathered across England and Wales within the month of July, a total of 290 police reports were filed.

As for Lancashire, Constabulary on the other hand, a total of 39 police reports were tallied. The news website then mentioned that the "Pokemon Go" incidents were the highest incidents that were tallied from 29 forces.

As the "Pokémon Go" hype continually increased, safety precautions and rules were provided by various states and areas, thus the players would have no choice but to follow what was written for their own safety. In line with the rules, the "Pokémon Go" developers also urged their players to "abide by local laws."

There are different cases that are affiliated with "Pokémon Go." Some may be criminal offenses and petty crimes, but the police reports would go from serious to bizarre. Police officers from Surrey mentioned that around 30 "Pokémon Go" players were caught into a brawl because of the augmented reality game.

One of the most alarming cases are often affiliated with using lures, wherein the suspect would lure the victim using the app which draws a Pokémon into a specific area, and would either rob or assault them.

Though there's no harm in playing the augmented reality game, safety and precautions should be kept at all times. Do you think "Pokémon Go" is doing more harm than good when it comes to your child? Do let us know through the comment section below.

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