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Jimmy Kimmel Opens Up About His Son's Condition

Dads  6 May '17

Jimmy Kimmel Sheds Light On Infants Born With Birth Defect In Terms Of Health Care Coverage

Jimmy Kimmel speaks up for thousands of parents with children having birth defects.

Experts Encourage Mothers To Lie-Low On their Busy Mom Mindset

Moms  6 May '17

'Busy Mom' Obsession Needs To Stop, Experts Say

Mothers are encouraged to take time and focus on their health too.

Helicopter Parenting Can Potentially Do More Harm Than Good

Parenting  6 May '17

Helicopter Parenting Plays A Major Factor In Raising Unemployable Children

Helicopter parenting is said to be one of the major factors as to why their children are unemployable.

Teen Who Struggled With Anorexia Admitted That Her Condition Won

Children  6 May '17

Anorexic Teen Commits Suicide, Leaves Note That Her Anorexia Won

A teenager died in Gatley railway station in Stockport after stating that her anorexia won.

Majority of American Employees Find It Difficult To Discuss Mental Health Concerns

Parenting  5 May '17

Why Majority Of Employees Are Not Comfortable With Discussing Mental Health At Work

The majority of the employees finds it a taboo to discuss mental health at work.

Tick bite related diseases is currently on the rise.

Parenting  5 May '17

What Parents Should Know About The Drastic Increase In Tick-Borne Powassan Virus

Tick-Borne Powassan Virus is currently causing an alarm among parents.

Kaily Lowry finally gets her degree

Pregnancy  4 May '17

Kailyn Lowry Inspires Teen Moms To Pursue Education Despite Struggles

Kailyn Lowry from "Teen Mom 2" shares her success after getting a college degree.

Babies Born with Fathers Under 25 and over 50 are at risk of autism.

Dads  3 May '17

Babies Born With Fathers Younger Than 25 And Older Than 50 Are At Risk Of Autism

Research revealed that men are designed with biological clocks too.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is than just feeling tired as it is considered as an illness.

Parenting  2 May '17

Why Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is Becoming Common Among Adults

Chronic fatigue syndrome is becoming more common among adults and parents need to know about it.

American Children Opt to Consume Fries As their Vegetable Consumption

Children  2 May '17

Majority Of American Kids Rely On French Fries For Their Source Of Vegetables

Kids are getting unhealthier as the years progressed as they refuse to have their daily vegetable intake.

Yellow Fever Vaccine To Run Out By Mid-Summer

Parenting  2 May '17

Yellow Fever Vaccine Supply In The U.S. To Run Out By Summer

CDC announced that Yellow Fever vaccine supply will most likely run out by July.

An 18-Year-Old Girl Got Seriously Injured After Participating On The Blue Whale Suicide Game

Children  30 April '17

18-Year-Old Girl Throws Self Off The Bridge After Playing The 'Blue Whale' Suicide Game

Another teenager got seriously injured after joining the Blue Whale suicide game.

Billy Caldwell Is The First Child To Receive Medical Marijuana in Britain.

Children  30 April '17

11-Year-Old Boy Receives Medical Marijuana As Epilepsy Treatment In Great Britain

A mother of an 11-year-old boy opted to use medical marijuana for her son's epilepsy treatment.

Paris Jackson Describes '13 Reasons Why' as something

Children  30 April '17

Paris Jackson Opens Up About The Impact Of Netflix Series '13 Reasons Why'

Paris Jackson described the hit series, "13 Reasons Why," as something triggering.

A man with special needs finds his passion through ice hockey.

Issues  28 April '17

Man With Special Needs Found Passion In Ice Hockey

Jason Praytor led his team to victory proving that being a person with special needs has no limits.


Parenting  27 April '17

Researchers Explain The Probability Of PTSD Gene

Researchers explain the potential impact of PTSD on the future generation.

Police warns parents of the

Parenting  27 April '17

Authorities Warn Parents About The 'Blue Whale' Suicide Game Trend On Social Media

Authorities raise the alarm as more than 100 suicide cases in the Russia was caused by a social media game.

New Stark Health Warnings For French Smokers

Parenting  26 April '17

Woman Expresses Disbelief After Seeing Her Dying Father's Photo On A Cigarette Pack

Jodi Charles was furious after seeing her father's photo on a cigarette pack.

FDA Raises The Alarm On Medications With Codeine

Parenting  26 April '17

FDA Urges Parents Not To Give Children Medications With Codeine

FDA warned parents of the possible dangers by giving children cough syrups with Codeine.

Comic-Con International 2016 - 'Scream Queens' Panel

Issues  26 April '17

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Abigail Breslin Opens Up About Being Raped For The First Time, Slams Internet Trolls

"Scream Queens" star Abigail Breslin opens up about being raped.

American Academy of Pediatrics opened up about  7 Great Achievements in Pediatric Research

Parenting  25 April '17

American Academy Of Pediatrics Highlights 7 Great Achievements In Pediatric Research

The American Academy of Pediatrics opened up about the 7 Great Achievements in Pediatric Research as they call out to increase their funding for child care research.

Cherokee Nation sues drug distributors for the opioid overdose epidemic.

Children  25 April '17

Cherokee Nation Sues Drug Distributors As Opioid Epidemic Affects Children And Teenagers

Cherokee Nation blames big pharma for the opioid overdose epidemic.

Sexual predators pose as famous characters and celebrities to lure innocent fans.

Children  24 April '17

Experts Warn Parents As Fake Celebrity Accounts Are Made To Target Children

Authorities raised the alarm for parents as sexual assault predators linger online using different aliases.

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