Woman Expresses Disbelief After Seeing Her Dying Father's Photo On A Cigarette Pack

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald April 26, 11:32 pm

Jodi Charles expresses her disbelief after seeing the photo of her father in a cigarette pack. Charles mentions that her father, nor any family member would not give the cigarette company a consent in terms of having the photo printed on the cigarette packs.

The mother-of-two shares her disbelief when her daughter showed her a photo of a cigarette pack with her "grand dad's" photo. Jodi Charles shares that her father's photo is being used as a cigarette warning label without her and the family's consent, according to Daily Mail.

Charles' father died of bone marrow, septicemia and lymphoma blood cancer, which are all unrelated to smoking. He was confined for 10 months at Basildon University Hospital.

Charles explains that someone from the hospital must have secretly taken the photo without their consent. The photo features an old person with a breathing tube, which reportedly resembles her father.

"The whole picture looks exactly like him. His eyes were puffed up when he was in intensive care and they are in the photo too," Charles told the publication. "I am 110 percent sure it is him and that there is no way he gave permission for such a terrible picture to be used. It's terribly upsetting. This has been a horrendous time for us. Dad being ill took up my whole life and I am still grieving now - I will be forevermore. As time goes on you learn to deal with it, but this has brought it all back. I'm distraught again."

The photo issue is still unresolved up to this date, but Charles is asking for proof that her father did give them the consent to use his photo. She also shares that if the hospital fails to produce a copy of his consent with his signature, she will press charges.

The cigarette tax is becoming an issue in the United states as most states oppose to it. California recently implements their tax hike that causes the prices to increase by $2 per pack, as reported in Washington Times.

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