Man With Special Needs Found Passion In Ice Hockey

A man with special needs found his calling through ice hockey. Jason Praytor managed to keep his entire team impressed as he effectively blocked the shots of their opponents, leading to their team's victory. 

Jason Praytor, who led his team to impressive victory during their ice hockey game, stood out after it was reported that he has special needs. Praytor and the rest of his teammates enjoyed their night as they celebrated a 9-5 triumph for the ice hockey season, which ran from October 2016 to April 2017. 

Ice hockey may be a tough sport, but Praytor's team said it is something motivating for the goalie with special needs. The 42-year-old athlete gathered lots of support after he was offered to replace the spot of one of the regular players for the team. Though things started out rough for him, he managed to push himself off the limits and eventually worked his way up to success.

"Everybody likes Jason," Albert Sanchez of the Wild stated. "When he first started, he didn't stop much of anything, but he's really improved. He keeps trying, keeps coming back. We really wanted to get this win for him."

Praytor served as an inspiration for people with special needs and his fellow athletes. He was not born a champ, but the athlete did manage to impress his coach, his family member and his teammates, according to Kansas.

"Jason had been down to watch a couple times," ice center's hockey director Shane Brydges said. "When a spot opened up, we thought we'd give it a try. I wasn't sure what would happen because he wasn't an experienced goalie. Everyone has really taken to him, though."

There are various ways to help a child with special needs excel in different platforms, as advised by Special Needs website. A parent's patience, determination and encouragement play a vital role in the child's success.

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